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Tobacco manufacturers/importers/distributors and their brands. Company names link to company websites where possible. Brand names link to reviews in Tobacco : Brands.

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Arango Cigar Co.
Importer/distributor located in Northbrook, IL. Contacts: 800 222-4427, arangocigar@aol.com

MacBaren (to be discontinued)
Arango Sportsman
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Bailey Tobacco
Manufacturer. Bailey Tobacco brands were only available from Cigarettes Cheaper outlets. RYO Mag. review.

NLA: Desperado, Noble, Peace and Revenge
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Balkan Prospect, LLC
"Importers of the Finest Leaf Tobaccos from the Balkans and Turkey".
Contacts: 919-319-7720, balkanprospect@intrex.net

Balkan Premium
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Cheyenne International
A small North Carolina cigarette manufacturing company now offering bulk tobacco. (704-937-7200)

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Choice Tobacco
Manufacturer located on Prince Edward Island (Canada).
Contacts: 902-838-2456, sale@abenakienterprise.com

Canadian Natural
Yankee Blend
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Coastal Leaf Processing (CLP/Smokers Select)
Located in North Carolina. Founded in 1991.
Phone: 252-746-5213

Detroit Tobacco house brand(s?)
Smokers Palace
Smokers Select
Southern Harvest
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Commonwealth Brands, Inc.
"Commonwealth Brands, Inc. is the fourth largest cigarette manufacturer in the United States"*. Contacts: 888-222-9098, support@us.imptob.com.

Commonwealth was the US distributor (since late 2005) for Peter Stokkebye's Bali and McClintock brands. In April of '07 Imperial Tobacco bought Commonwealth. On July 01, 2007, Commonwealth gained control of the of the Bali and McClintock brand names. While, for the most part, Stokkebye is still the manufacturer, the new 16oz bags of McClintock are not. See: McClintock (new 16oz).

Bali Shag
Premier (new '08)
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Conwood - Lane Limited
Lane Limited was established in Germany in 1890. Conwood started as a snuff mill in Delaware in 1782. Lane Limited became a US company in 1938. Lane Limited was bought by Reynolds American in 2004. Reynolds bought Conwood Sales in 2006 and merged Lane into Conwood in 2007. Phone: 901-761-2050.

Jester (made by Royal Theodorus Niemeyer)
Midnight Special
Roll Rich
Samson (made by Royal Theodorus Niemeyer)

Golden Virginia
Henry County Virginia
Oriental #1 (aka Turkish?)
RYO Fine Cut
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Daughters & Ryan (D&R)
Manufacturer/distributor/retailer. Located in North Carolina. Established in 1992. Phone: 877-989-9458

Three Sails

Three Castles (made for for HBI)
Laramie (new/forthcoming, made for HBI)
Arango Sportsman (to be made for Arango Cigar, previously made by Mac Baren)
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Farmer's Tobacco of Cynthiana
"Whole-leaf, top-grade tobacco -- the best that we can find. A little chocolate... you will never find reconstituted tobacco..."*. Contacts: 1-800-528-7539, info@farmerstobacco.com.

Kentucky's Best
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Fred Stoker and Sons (RBJ Sales)
Manufacturer. Established in 1940 by Fred Stoker. Bought by National Tobacco Company (Zig-Zag) in 2003.

Stoker Store: "as of June 2010 they were forced to go out of business by that new Obama tobacco tax bill" [link]

Feb '12: Only Stoker chew and snuff are still available. The only online source mentioned in the comments is Northerner.

Old Hillside
Pure Natural
Stoker #1
Stoker #2
Stoker #117
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Fresh Choice
AKA Truth and Liberty Manufacturing Company.
Contacts: 800-243-2737, freshchoicesales@gmail.com

American Harvest
Fresh Blend
Fresh Choice
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Gawith Hoggarth
British tobacco manufacturer since 1854.
Oct '06: RYOT is selling Auld Kendal as Sagamore Platinum.
Aug '07: D&R is now the US packager/distributor of the Auld Kendal Golden Blend (Sagamore Platinum Gold??).

Auld Kendal (AKA Sagamore Platinum)
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Heupink & Bloemen
Dutch tobacco manufacturer since 1839.

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House of Windsor
House of Windsor is a relatively small American tobacco company that has been around for 80+ years. They are known for their cigars (Wolf Brothers Crooks) and pipe tobaccos (Country Doctor, Bourbon Street, Barking Dog). I found House of Windsor articles at Smokeshop Mag. and Pipes and Tobaccos Mag. but nothing about their, apparently new, brands of cigarette tobacco.

House of Windsor
Wolf Brothers
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Imperial Tobacco
"We are the world's fourth largest international tobacco company."
While they have a strong US presence (as RBA) with tubes and machines (Premier, Rizla, etc.), none of their MYO tobaccos are currently imported to the US. This could change now that they own Commonwealth Brands.

Drum (original, not Republic's US Drum)
Golden Virginia (not Conwood - Lane's)

Facilities around the world: Imperial Tobacco Limited/ITL(UK), Ets L Lacroix Fils NV S.A.(Belgium), Imperial Tobacco Mullingar (Ireland), Imperial Tobacco Polska S.A.(Poland), Imperial Tobacco Production Ukraine, Imperial Tobacco Sigara ve Tutunculuk Sanayi Ve Ticaret S.A. (Turkey), OOO Tabaksfacrik Reemtsma Wolga (Russia), Reemtsma Cigarettenfacbriken GmbH (Reemtsma), Van Nelle Tabak Nederland B.V. (Netherlands)
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Inter-Continental Trading
Inter-Continental Trading Co., Ltd. - Bangkok Thailand tobacco manufacturer since 2000.
Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc. - US importer/distributor since 2002. Owned by Shrujal Patel. Retail arm is RYOC/Fair Price Tobacco. Phone: 847-439-1807

Asia Gold (NLA)
Cutlass (NLA)
Smokers Gold (NLA '04 RYOM review)
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Japan Tobacco International (JTI)
Established in 1999 and based Switzerland. JT International USA Inc. is located in New Jersey. Phone: 201-871-1210.

Export 'A' (NLA in the US)
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Kentucky Cut Rag
Located in Lexington, KY. Phone: 859-254-3809 or 859-225-5929

NLA?: Peoples Pride, Southern Gold, Mill House
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King Maker Marketing
Established in 1994 and based in Paramus, NJ.
Contacts: 800-317-0377, 201-843-0377 and customerservice@kmm-inc.com.

"All of KMM's product lines are made by ITC Ltd [part owner of KMM]... in various locations in India... minimizes the use of reconstituted tobacco..."*

Aug '07: As of May '07, ITC is the sole owner of KMM.*

Gold Crest
Smoker Friendly
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King Mountain Tobacco Co.
Owned by members of the Yakama Tribe, White Swan WA.
Contacts: 509-874-9935, sales@kingmountaintobacco.com

King Mountain
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Kretek International
Importer/distributor. The site is for customers only, i.e. no useful information.

Look-Out (NLA?)
Mynheer (NLA?)
Randy's Euro-Blending
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Importer/distributor/manufacturer of cigars, cigarettes and tobacco products. Headquartered in San Leandro, CA. The website is cigars only. Phone: 800-544-6862 or 510-347-6000

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M&R Holdings, Inc.
Located in Pink Hill, NC., President: Dean Rouse, Phone: 800-451-5729 or 252-568-2883.

Black Bear Select
Farmers Gold, Farmers Golden Leaf, FG Value Brand
Buckeye's Best
Smokey's Discount Tobacco
Sunny Field
Tobacco Connection
Tobacco Station?
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Mac Baren Tobacco
Manufacturer (mostly pipe tobacco) located in Denmark whose "roots reach back to 1826." The site has no MYO related info. Their MYO tobaccos are imported/distributed by Arango Cigar.

Jan '08: It sounds like D&R will be manufacturing Arango Sportsman, that it will replace the imported Mac Baren made Arango Sportsman.

Jason (made for Arango Cigar)
Arango Sportsman (made for Arango Cigar)
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National Honey Almond
Manufacturer (or aka?) P.T. Indonesian Tobacco

Indo Shag
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National Tobacco (aka NAOC)
National Tobacco and North Atlantic Operating Company (NAOC) are owned by North Atlantic Trading Company. The link no longer contains any SYO related information (just rolling papers).


See also: Fred Stoker and Sons
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Opportunities Unlimited

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Pacific Stanford Manufacturing
Philippines tobacco manufacturer. US importer is Nationwide Tobacco (1-877-443-3600).

Sixty 1
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Peoples True Taste Inc.
AKA Peoples Tobacco Warehouse is located in Somerset, KY. Phone: 606-678-8812

Peoples True Taste
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Peter Stokkebye
Manufacturer of pipe and cigarette tobacco. Founded in 1882 in Odense Denmark. Villiger Stokkebye International (link above) appears to be the US arm of Villiger (Switzerland) and Stokkebye (Denmark). Villiger Stokkebye is the US distributor for Stokkebye's Peter Stokkebye brand. Commonwealth now owns and distributes the Bali and McClintock brands.

Peter Stokkebye
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Planta of Berlin
Unitas Excellent
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Poschl Tabak
German manufacturer.

Brookfield [NLA]
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Republic Tobacco (Top Tobacco)
Phone: 1-800-288-8888

4 Aces
Classic Canadian
Our Advertiser
Van Nelle
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Reynolds American
The parent company of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco and Conwood Sales/Lane LTD. Established in July 2004 when Brown & Williamson and R.J. Reynolds merged. Bugler and Kite were previously B&W products.

Historical note: Back in 1987 R.J. Reynolds got out of the MYO market when it sold its Top and Our Advertiser brands to Republic Tobacco*. They've only recently gotten back in by purchasing/merging with three companies that have established MYO brands.

See also: Conwood and Santa Fe
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"Pride in Tobacco for Eight Generations". Located in Kinston, NC., President: Franklin D. Rouse, Phone: 888-372-8622

Cheap Tobacco (made for Cheap Tobacco stores)
Golden Harvest
Lucky Leaf (made for ?)
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Royal Theodorus Niemeyer
180 year old tobacco manufacturer in the Netherlands.

Jester (made for Conwood - Lane Limited)
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Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company
Owned by Reynolds American.

Natural American Spirit
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SEITA (aka Altadis)
SEIT (Service d'Exploitation Industrielle des Tabacs) was established in France in 1926 and became SEITA in 1935. The Government organization was privatized in 1995. Altadis was formed when SEITA and Tabacalera merged in 1999.

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Seneca Cayuga Tobacco Co.
Tribal cigarette (Skydancer and Texas Republic) manufacturer located in Grove, Oklahoma. Phone: 888-872-8518

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Single Stick, Inc.
America's Choice
Native Sun
Single Stick
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Skookum Creek Tobacco Inc.
Owned by the Squaxin Island Tribe, Shelton Wa, US. Email: customerservice@skookumcreek.com

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Smokin Joes
Smokin Joes is the first Native American cigarette factory to be fully licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Our factory is on the Tuscarora Indian Nation, located about 10 miles north of the scenic Niagara falls.

Smokin Joes (American, Canadian and Natural)
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SX Brands
Established in 2003 and located in Richmond, VA. Website is an OT Coming Soon! page.
Contacts: 888-876-5510 or 804-274-0291, doyle@sxbrands.com

Southern Cross
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U.S. Flue-Cured
U.S. Flue-Cured appears to be involved in all aspects of the tobacco trade, from growing tobacco to manufacturing cigarettes. Established in 1946 and located in Raleigh, NC (919-821-4560). 1839/Kentucky Select website and contacts: 877-289-1839, 1839@ipass.net.

Kentucky Select
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A Dutch tobacco manufacturer whose products are imported to the US by G.A. Andron?? Is VCT B.V. Andron's parent company?

Black Death
Blow Up
Chills Americana (NLA)
Turkish Special
Wig Wam
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Von Eicken (Joh Wilh Von Eicken GMBH)
German tobacco manufacturer since 1770.

Charles Fairmorn
Fine Cut
Jan Willem
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Wind River Tobacco Company
Manufacturer, since 2001, located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Contacts: 800-796-3878 or 307-733-3878, wrtco@msn.com

American Bison
Custom Blends (#1-50)
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