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There's over a hundred - readily available, unique and predominantly high quality, US and imported - MYO tobacco brands. The range - from the mildest Virginia's to the richest zware's - of flavors and subtle variations is much broader than pre-made's offer. Tobacco sub-categories are:

Information, reviews and comments about many of the available MYO brands of tobacco.
This catch all category attempts to list all available MYO tobacco brands by the companies associated with those brands.
Cigarette tobacco words/terms and their meaning. Mostly a compendium of quotes culled from various sources.
Storing and keeping your tobacco fresh.


Grandad's Tobacco
Aug '07: grandadtobacco.com is gone. Sister site hasn't been updated since '05.
Make your own tobacco from whole-leaf tobacco.
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Mac Baren :: Raw tobacco
Some info about Virginia, Oriental and Burly tobaccos.
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Perique: The Native Crop
Sept '05: The link is to the Wayback Machine's archived copy of the page.
An interesting Louisiana Life article that covers both St. James Parish and Acadian Green River Perique's (used in D&R's Rimboche blends).
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Sept '05: The link is to the Wayback Machine's archived copy (incomplete) of the site.
Seeds to cigarettes. An interesting and useful site.
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