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Silver Tip

Silver Tip ExtraPosted on Thursday, 03-Jan-2008
First it was the Rizla Cigarette Size tube with its 22mm filter and then St Vincent with their 20mm offerings (more recently 22mm). Not to be left behind, Gizeh of North America now offers the Silver Tip Extra which has a 25mm filter (the rest of their tubes have 15mm filters).

Feb 05 '08: I'm getting mixed reports on the availability of the Silver Tip Extras. Mark (D&R) says that the Silver Tip Extras won't be formally available from D&R until the end of April. Rudiger (Gizeh America) says "The Silver Tip Extra products are already available. Retailers need only call us or D & R and we'll get product out to them immediately."

Reviews: Silver Tip Extra handheld and tubes

Correction: The original (FF - not the Extra, Airstream,etc.) Silver Tip tubes have been available in 250 count boxes since 1999, i.e. they are not a new product as earlier reported.
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Magnum Injector Site

 Magnum Injector SitePosted on Thursday, 27-Dec-2007
The Magnum Injector site is gone. The site says that the Magnum will be available to distributors and retailers in March of '08.

Feb '08: The Magnum is available from American Thrust and D&R. Reviews are on the Magnum page.
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Exp1000 Injector

EXP1000Posted on Saturday, 22-Dec-2007
On the MYO Forum, Capt. Mike posted a link to a new stuffer from SimRon International called the Exp1000. The Ron in SimRon (his wife Sima is the Sim) is Ron Moscovitch and he's been involved in the industry since the 70's. The Sep/Oct 2007 TOB article also says that Moscovitch "expects the machine to hit the market in mid-October", no year provided.

The Exp 1000 looks like a bit like a Laredo with its separate compression and injection functions. I don't get it, it looks to be as bad an idea as the Turbo-Matic. With the single action Excel selling for $23, what does this machine (suggested retail price of $23) have to offer?

...Apparently the "Yes, more than a million satisfied customers."* refers to the Corona machine that was mass produced for RJR-Macdonald (Canada) in the early 90's.

Jan 03: RYO Magazine has an Exp1000 review which rather strongly counters my first impressions of the machine. Doug says that the Exp1000 "may likely become the most successful single design in injector history". (tkx KL)

Jan 10: $22.95 @ RYO Tobacco (description is bits and pieces from the RYOM review).
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Auger Injectors

Auger InjectorsPosted on Saturday, 15-Dec-2007
Previously posted on the Quick Roller page (catching up on old news).

Mike c reported on the availability of the $150 RYOC Royale Auto-Roller (pictured) and Matt about the Cigarette Circus ($140) from Ziggymart. Kretek has said that a US version of the Fast Filler "is in the testing approval stages for its certifications... We should expect to see it for sale by December or first of January."

Jan 12: Royale Auto-Roller available for $140 from Lil' Brown.
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McClintock (new 16oz)

McClintockPosted on Saturday, 15-Dec-2007
Commonwealth has been the US distributor of Stokkebye's Bali and McClintock brands since 2005. In Jul '07 they bought the brand rights, i.e. Bali and McClintock are no longer Stokkebye brand names.

While most of the products are still made by Stokkebye, Capt. Mike reports that Commonwealth is discontinuing the 13oz cans of Stokkebye/Danish made McClintock and is introducing 16oz bags of Polish made McClintock. ($15.75LB @ Lil' Brown)... It looks like the whole McClintock line-up is being replaced with Polish made, bagged tobacco.

Reviews are on the McClintock page.
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Windsail Special Edition Elite

Posted on Thursday, 13-Dec-2007
JerzyJoe reports that St Vincent made Windsail Elite (light) tubes are now available from D&R. The tubes have blue and silver stripes on white tipping paper and have a 20mm high-density filter.
Review(s) are on the Windsail page.
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Increase in tobacco tax to pay for SCHIP

Posted on Monday, 08-Oct-2007
Update: Thankfully, the override failed (17 votes short)... more
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Midnight and 6.5mm tubes

Vera_CruzPosted on Monday, 23-Jul-2007
Folks have noticed (* *) the picture of Vera Cruz Midnight tubes on the RYO Magazine tubes page. The Vera Cruz Midnight (pictured, 22mm filter) and Ramback Slim (80mm long, 6.5mm diameter and 20mm filter) tubes are supposed to be available before the end of the year. Vera Cruz Midnight prototypes will be shown at the RTDA (Retail Tobacco Dealers of America) show in August.

Dec '07: mike c reports that both are now available from D&R.

Jan '08: The Vera Cruz Midnight and Ramback Slim tubes aren't on the website so you'll have to call (1-877-989-9458) your order in (or, as KL suggested, ask for them in the special comments section of your order) On Dec 13 mike c reported that, while available, the tubes haven't been formally released.

Reviews are on the Ramback and Vera Cruz pages.
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Posted on Sunday, 22-Jul-2007
From Mark at D&R: "We ran our first big batch of Rowland Gold last week. Always slightly different when we scale up from small runs but a delightful product."

Aug 07: Roland Platinum is now available.
Reviews are on the Roland page.
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Posted on Sunday, 01-Jul-2007
RYOC/FairPrice has a new Supermatic clone, the Royale-Matic, for $23.

There's also been some interest in their $5.53LB tobacco... Jul 12: NLA
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Updated RYO Magazine Injectors Page

Posted on Friday, 29-Jun-2007
HeyPockyWay reported the newly updated RYO Magazine Injectors page. Coverage includes the improved Supermatic (H-link and plastic cutter), changed Top-O-Matic (handle, release, adjuster) and new Magnum Injector (electric).

Local coverage/discussions are on the: New Supermatic (C series), Top-O-Matic and Magnum Injector pages.
edited Dec '07
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3.53oz Peter Stokkebye

3.53oz Peter StokkebyePosted on Sunday, 10-Jun-2007
Peter Stokkebye blends (... 3 of them) are now available in 100gr/3.53oz packaging. Current Lil' Brown sale prices have the smaller packaging priced at $.50 less per pound ($20.17 VS $20.68LB).

...Packaging is same/shorter cans, not the clear display cans pictured (from TOB Online)
edited Dec '07
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D&R's Seven New Blends

Posted on Wednesday, 16-May-2007
I asked Mark about his new blends and received the following (reformatted).

We currently have seven blends on the table that have been under development for over a year and are being released over the coming year. Our first available release is ramback balkan... more
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New and Improved Supermatic

Posted on Thursday, 03-May-2007
According to RBA, the new and improved Supermatic (w/ plastic cutter/compressor) is "in the market" and has new packaging to highlight the changes... (Dec '07: readily available for some time now).

Reviews are on the New Supermatic (C series) page (and elsewhere).
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