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While manufactured by U.S. Flue-Cured, the only thing 1839 says about their blends is that they incorporate US grown flue-cured (Virginia) tobacco as part of their blend. Available in Full Flavor, Mild and Exotic. Reported to be $17-20LB
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American Bison

Wind River Tobacco Company: premium quality, hand selected, all natural tobacco leaves with NO additives and NO fillers...NO flavorings. ~$26LB
[ page | comments (14) - Tuesday, 04-Mar-2008 | top ]admin

American Spirit

High quality tobacco available in Original, Organic, US Grown... and now Perique. The only difference seems to be how/where they are grown (not enough taste difference for me to tell). A fairly potent, full strength, tobacco with a flavor that is mild, clean and crisp... a bit like Two Timer. The lack of flavoring and other additives may explain the hint of harshness. Light colored, clean, medium cut/length shags that are easy to stuff. They also make a Pow-Wow Blend (tobacco, herbs and botanicals... for pipe only). ~$36LB..
[ page | comments (54) - Friday, 02-May-2014 | top ]admin

American Thrust

American Thrust house brand. $15LB
[ page | comments (13) - Sunday, 03-Feb-2008 | top ]admin

Arango Sportsman

Manufactured by Mac Baren (by D&R starting sometime in '08, tks dan b). Rodger: Rich vanilla flavored fine cut tobacco RYO Mag.: high grade Danish blend but with a delightful vanilla flavor in a bit larger, more traditional cut than the Jason. ~$36LB
[ page | comments (7) - Monday, 27-Jun-2011 | top ]admin


Dutch tobacco made by Heupink & Bloemen

  • Halfzware Shag
  • Mild American
  • Menthol

Both the Halfzware and Mild American seemed a bit on the crude side to me, not of the quality I expect for ~$24LB.
[ page | comments (3) - Sunday, 18-Dec-2005 | top ]admin


Made by Von Eicken. A fairly clean fine-cut-shag American blend. Available in FF, LT and menthol. ~$19LB
[ page | comments (3) - Wednesday, 14-Mar-2007 | top ]admin

Balkan Premium

An "all natural" blend of "Izmir, Yenidje, Samsun and other rare Balkan and Turkish tobaccos" from Robert Meszaros/Balkan Prospect, LLC. A new company and product with no known availability/price. Clarence Walker reviews it here.
[ page | comments (6) - Saturday, 29-Mar-2008 | top ]admin

Black Death

Educated Smoker: a good dutch blend. moist dark fire cured kentucky. may contain a few stems and bird eyes but you can pick em out it's not a big deal. good stuff. Zware and Halfzware. Pouches only, ~$30lb.
NLA in the US
[ page | comments (4) - Tuesday, 04-Aug-2020 | top ]admin


Manufactured by RSB Tobacco. Made from US grown Flue-cured, Burley and Oriental. Available in FF, LT, ULT, Nat, Menthol and Menthol LT. ~$10LB.
[ page | comments (24) - Wednesday, 13-Feb-2008 | top ]admin


A blend of Turkish, Virginia and Burley from Lane LTD. A clean, short stranded medium cut tobacco. Bugler is an old brand with high visibility. My preference is PS Turkish Export (no Burley)... The 'Gold' smokes nice but I have a hard time getting past the fruity American smell. Original/blue and Gold/yellow blends. Overpriced @ ~$27lb.
[ page | comments (77) - Monday, 30-Sep-2019 | top ]admin

Bull Snit

Tim_Mc: This is a really unique halfzware...It stuffs well and is virtually free of birds' eyes and stems. Very clean. Nice spicy notes balanced with a mellow sweetness. RYO Magazine: unusual treat with a real punch ~$33LB.
NLA in the US
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A unique, pervasively strong smelling/tasting, dark, fine-cut, Javanese shag. Straight, even the 'mild' is to much for me. Diluted its interesting but a little too 'different' to keep my interest. Halfzware and Mild, pouches only, ~$16LB.
[ page | comments (7) - Monday, 21-Aug-2017 | top ]admin

Canadian Natural

Made by Choice Tobacco. Bob says: Canadian at a great price...a fine cut & moisture seemed a bit high...not as 'spicy' as the Export 'A' but very light & tasty. ~$16LB
[ page | comments(1) - Tuesday, 24-Aug-2004 | top ]admin


Made by Wind River Tobacco Company. Comes in Halfzware, English and five flavored blends. The English and Halfzware (don't know about the others) are "Additive-Free Natural". The English is mild and tasty. The tobacco is a light colored, clean, medium-cut, leafy shag that's easy to stuff. Oct '07: The halfzware is not a halfzware in any respect. The tobacco is similar to the English with a bit of dark tobacco. While its an OK FF blend, it has a hint of an unpleasant aftertaste. ~$14LB
[ page | comments (15) - Thursday, 20-Oct-2011 | top ]admin

Charles Fairmorn

German import made by Von Eicken. Available in Bright Virgina and Dark Fired shags. D. says the Virginia is mild...full flavored...a high quality, overpriced treat ~$46LB
[ page | comments (5) - Wednesday, 07-Sep-2005 | top ]admin

Cheap Tobacco

Made for Cheap Tobacco stores (OH) by Rouseco. Mike says: FF...light scent, and looks fairly clean...dark colored blend. It injects easily...slightly harsh. $16LB
[ page | comments (6) - Sunday, 09-Sep-2007 | top ]admin


Hoss says: Its made by King Maker Marketing, Inc., tastes similar to North or Farmers Gold. Had it once, not bad, average smoke ~$11LB
[ page | comments (8) - Monday, 04-Nov-2013 | top ]admin

Classic Canadian

A inexpensive yet surprisingly decent blend of Canadian and Virginia tobaccos. Its a clean, shaggy medium/fine cut, tobacco that's mild in taste. ~$13lb.
[ page | comments (12) - Wednesday, 02-Apr-2008 | top ]admin


Made by SX Brands. ~$10LB.
[ page | comments (7) - Friday, 05-Aug-2011 | top ]admin

Custom Blends

Most of their blends seem of good quality, clean and consistent. At $25 to $30+ per lb. they are some of the most expensive tobaccos around. #3 is pretty good. #17 was also pretty good, a tad stronger than #3. #2 was too light (descriptions indicate it should be stronger than #3), #11 was to strong and #9 was the worst tobacco ever, soapy and bitter.
[ page | comments (18) - Saturday, 10-Feb-2007 | top ]admin

Djarum Filtra

A blend of Indonesian tobaccos, clove and other flavorings. Tim Aydt: smooth and smokable...potent. ~$59LB
[ page | comments(2) - Saturday, 11-Sep-2004 | top ]admin

Double Take

Inexpensive tobacco packed in India. Cut is on the coarse side with medium strands and lots of leaf bits/short stuff. The cut and relative dryness makes it easy to stuff. Its smokable in that its not harsh or bitter but I find the aroma/taste offensive (peach?). NLA
[ page | comments (8) - Saturday, 23-Feb-2008 | top ]admin

Drum (US)

Republic Tobacco's US Drum. A reasonably mild dutch blend with a slightly smokey/dry taste. A readily available and popular blend. Fine cut with medium length strands. Numerous bits of leaf, stem, etc. Low ~$22lb.
[ page | comments (23) - Tuesday, 04-Oct-2011 | top ]admin

Export A

A high quality, all natural, golden shag from Canada. Smooth and mild with a spicy quality. A clean, high moisture, medium/fine cut tobacco. ~$34LB.
NLA in the US (a short lived '04-05 availability)
[ page | comments (11) - Thursday, 16-Dec-2004 | top ]admin

Farmers Gold

Farmers Golden Leaf, Farmers Gold and FG Value Brand are made by M&R Holdings. The standard Farmers Gold is an inexpensive tobacco with an OK taste. Its not a very clean blend and the medium cut/short strand is surprisingly hard to stuff. From looking at it I wonder about the actual tobacco content. I see what looks like reconstituted tobacco and/or non tobacco content. ~$12 per lb
[ page | comments (27) - Thursday, 07-May-2015 | top ]admin

Five Brothers

A very strong and dark 'smoking tobacco' that's been around for 40 years.
[ page | comments (19) - Monday, 23-May-2011 | top ]admin


A good inexpensive smoke. Its a pretty clean, medium cut/strand, tobacco. A little darker and a little stronger than H&R. Low ~$12lb.
[ page | comments (31) - Thursday, 24-Jan-2008 | top ]admin


A well known French pre-made brand available as loose tobacco.

  • Fine Cut Mellow Flavor/Caporal - zware
  • Halfzware - Virginia, Burley and Kentucky

Pouches only, ~$31LB. NLA in the US
[ page | comments (18) - Thursday, 14-Dec-2017 | top ]admin

Golden Harvest

US grown and manufactured by Rouseco. Robert and Scott say it tastes like Marlboro. ~$10LB
[ page | comments (50) - Sunday, 05-Nov-2023 | top ]admin

Golden Virginia (IT)

Imperial Tobacco's (VS Lane Ltd's.) Golden Virginia. Not available in the US.
[ page | comments (4) - Thursday, 12-Oct-2006 | top ]admin


A good inexpensive tobacco. A pretty clean blend. Medium/fine cut, medium length strand, a bit to much of the overly short stuff (excessive handling?). Similar to the popular Stoker brands. Low ~$10lb.
[ page | comments (16) - Friday, 03-Nov-2006 | top ]admin


Regular and flavored tobaccos from Germany (Von Eicken). Nice, clean, medium/fine cut tobaccos. Similar to RYOT's more expensive House blends. The #1 is reminiscent of, and a little lighter than, Mynheer American. The #2 is a nice medium strength blend. ~$20LB
[ page | comments (6) - Thursday, 17-Dec-2015 | top ]admin

Indo Shag

A potent yet reasonably mild, light colored, SYO friendly medium-length shag. The packages "Amsterdam Blend" label is misleading, its not a Dutch style halfzware. Indo Shag's unique smell/taste is probably the Javanese tobacco more than any flavorings/aromatics (its subtle and tame when compared to Butterfly). Interesting when added to a blend. By itself its bitter and not what I would call a good smoke. Made in Indonesia. Pouches (small - .75oz/21g) only. ~$19LB
[ page | comments (8) - Tuesday, 18-Mar-2008 | top ]admin


A full flavored Dutch halfzware from Holland. Something like Bali and Drum with a hint of Butterfly. A moist very fine cut shag w/ bits of birdseye. Virginia, Kentucky dark fired and Java tobaccos. Lane LTD. ~$27LB
[ page | comments (15) - Saturday, 29-Mar-2008 | top ]admin


littledog: "I have been rolling Gawith Hoggarth Kendal blends for several years. They were developed over 200 years ago,long before cigarettes were popular. Like Five Brothers they were meant for chewing and pipe smoking. They are a shag cut and make excellent RYO cigarettes, being rich and flavorful."
[ page | comments (1) - Saturday, 07-Oct-2006 | top ]admin

King Mountain

Lil' Brown house blend. joekker and dkj59 say it is a good alternative to H&R. $10LB.
[ page | comments (18) - Wednesday, 28-Dec-2011 | top ]admin


Menthol tobacco from Reynolds American (Bugler is their other brand). Butters says: sweetest tasting tobacco I have ever tried. ~$28LB
[ page | comments (4) - Tuesday, 18-Dec-2012 | top ]admin

Look Out

Old European brand made in Holland by Heupink & Bloemen. The Milde is a tasty medium/fine cut shag with some stem and leaf pieces. The halfzware is a slightly crude rats-nest fine-cut. The vanilla is mild and tasty (NLA in the US). ~$16lb.
[ page | comments (31) - Thursday, 23-Aug-2007 | top ]admin

Lucky Leaf

Made by Rouseco.
[ page | comments (3) - Wednesday, 11-Oct-2006 | top ]admin

Mac Baren

American and halfzware blends from Mac Baren. Both are clean high quality tobaccos. The halfzware is a blend of Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos presented as a fine-cut medium-length shag. It has a nice smoky/spicy flavor that's not too strong or heavy. The American is a nice medium-cut blend of Virginia's, Burley and Oriental (If I had to smoke an 'American' blend, this would probably be my choice). Low ~$25 LB.
[ page | comments (6) - Monday, 19-Feb-2007 | top ]admin


Additive free Virginia blends manufactured by Von Eicken. The Manitou brand has its own site.
[ page | comments (1) - Friday, 10-Sep-2004 | top ]admin

Midnight Special

A Lane LTD product. Dave Stokes: Inexpensive ...pleasant "full flavor" ~$12LB
[ page | comments (20) - Wednesday, 26-Sep-2007 | top ]admin


Made by Von Eicken (Germany). The American is a SYO friendly medium-fine cut and pretty clean. The Halfzware is a traditional fine cut. Nice tobaccos with a bit too much flavoring.

  • Halfzware - Dark Fired and ripe Virginia
  • American - Burley, Virginia and Oriental

[ page | comments (7) - Wednesday, 15-Aug-2007 | top ]admin


Made by Wind River Tobacco Co. Available in FF and Menthol. ~$16LB
[ page | comments (6) - Sunday, 22-Apr-2007 | top ]admin


The smell/taste reminds me of Sixty-1 (also distributed by Nationwide). A reasonably clean blend of medium cut short strand tobacco. One of the few tobaccos I don't really care for. Low ~$10lb.
[ page | comments (5) - Sunday, 01-May-2005 | top ]admin

Old Hillside

Decent inexpensive tobacco made by Stoker's. Its similar to the popular Stoker's #2 but I prefer the smell/taste of this. Medium/coarse cut, short strand tobacco, Stoker's calls it shredded. Moisture content is good to a tad high. Only available in 6oz bags. Low ~ $12 per lb.
[ page | comments (5) - Tuesday, 24-Oct-2006 | top ]admin

Old Holborn

An old UK brand from Richard Lloyd & Sons. Halfzware and mild. NLA in the US.
[ comments (3) - Friday, 29-Jun-2007 ]admin

Our Advertiser

A flake cut rolling tobacco, from Republic, that's been around for a long time. I'm not aware of any online retailers that stock it.
[ page | comments (3) - Monday, 12-Feb-2007 | top ]admin


A Cigarettes Cheaper house brand. Slack: Flavoured possibly to a fault...not a bad change of pace from subtler blends. NLA
[ page | comments (2) - Monday, 29-Nov-2004 | top ]admin

Peoples Pride

Dec '06: Apparently reincarnated as Peoples True Taste
A simple straight forward inexpensive tobacco. Its somewhat plain taste and smell (minimal flavoring/additives?) makes it a good base tobacco for blending/diluting strong flavored tobaccos. The cut is slightly coarser (a disadvantage when blending w/ fine cuts) than most and easy to stuff. Its a pretty clean blend with minimal shake. Low ~ $11 LB.
[ page | comments (5) - Sunday, 17-Dec-2006 | top ]admin

Peoples True Taste

It appears that Peoples Pride/Kentucky Cut Rag is now Peoples True Taste/Peoples True Taste, Inc. Their tobacco comes in a wide variety of strengths and flavors. ~$13-17LB
[ page | comments (15) - Saturday, 08-Mar-2008 | top ]admin

Prince Albert

A popular Burley pipe tobacco from John Middleton, Inc. (another brand that RJR sold off in '97). ~$16LB
[ page | comments (7) - Sunday, 17-Jun-2012 | top ]admin

Pure Natural

A Fred Stoker and Sons product. I was expecting something in the vein of Stokers #2 but this is a fine-cut with a hint of Euro/dark flavoring, not bad. Apparently this has been discontinued. Low ~$14LB.
[ page | comments (9) - Monday, 06-Mar-2006 | top ]admin


Inexpensive tobacco made by CLP. Not much in the way of stem pieces but lots of assorted bits of leaf (20-30%?) and some green tobacco. I found the Light bitter and unappealing. ULT, LT, FF, Nat. and M.
[ page | comments (4) - Monday, 24-Mar-2008 | top ]admin


Rave is manufactured by Lignum-2 and made with domestically grown tobacco. Comes in FF, LT, and Menthol. Ralph says: Rave Light is pretty nice stuff. Low ~$11LB
[ page | comments (15) - Thursday, 09-Dec-2010 | top ]admin

Roll Rich

A Lane LTD product. D. says: American blend, moderately strong, mildly harsh, without subtle flavors. ~$23LB
[ page | comments (2) - Wednesday, 28-Feb-2007 | top ]admin


The halfzware is rich with a hint of bite. It reminds me more of Jester than US Drum. The mild has a Dutch-like flavor, something you typically don't find in a golden shag. I'd be more interested in the mild if it came in something other than $31LB pouches. RYO Mag. reviewed Samson here.

  • Halfzware Shag - Virginia and Kentucky
  • Milde Shag - Virginia and Burley, pouches only

Fine cut shags with birdseye and a bit of stem. Made in Holland by RTN for Lane LTD. Low ~$30LB
[ page | comments (6) - Tuesday, 06-Jul-2010 | top ]admin

Single Stick

Inexpensive American blend. Not bad but not particularly appealing (smell or taste) either. Medium cut/strand. FF, LT, M. ~$11LB
[ page | comments (10) - Sunday, 09-Sep-2007 | top ]admin

Sixty 1

Nice tobacco smell, unique nice taste but not very clean (not just the occasional twig--spongy chunks of tobacco, weed stems, etc.) and occasionally a shot of very harsh smoke (probably some piece of garbage). Medium cut, with long interlocked strands...I've decided its a chocolate smell and I got tired of this blend pretty fast. Its one of the cheapest tobaccos around. Low ~$8 per lb.
[ page | comments (1) - Thursday, 13-Apr-2006 | top ]admin

Smoker Friendly

Made for Smoker Friendly stores by King Maker Marketing. Comes in Full Flavor, Light, Menthol and Menthol Light. $15LB
[ page | comments (2) - Saturday, 20-Jan-2007 | top ]admin

Smokers Select

Inexpensive tobacco that's similar to Peoples Pride. A reasonably clean, shaggy medium-fine cut tobacco. The Light makes for a decent base in blends. LT, FF, M and ML.
[ page | comments (2) - Tuesday, 27-Jul-2004 | top ]admin

Smokin Joes

Made on the Tuscarora Indian Nation. "Premium" and 100% Natural blends available in pouches, tins and bags. ~$30LB
[ page | comments (4) - Sunday, 04-Feb-2007 | top ]admin

Southern Cross

Made by SX Brands (other brand is Criss Cross).
[ page | comments (2) - Friday, 13-Oct-2006 | top ]admin

Southern Harvest

A CLP product. $16LB
[ page | comments (1) - Saturday, 07-Oct-2006 | top ]admin

Stoker #2

A decent inexpensive tobacco that's widely available/popular. Its a flavored Burley tobacco with an uncomplicated and slightly bitter taste. The smell reminds me of something like overripe plums. The medium/coarse short cut is forgiving and easy to stuff. H&R was my preferred alternative. Low ~$14 per lb.
[ page | comments (52) - Sunday, 17-Feb-2008 | top ]admin

Stuff Your Own

Their house blend. Virginia and Burley tobaccos. Its a pretty good medium cut/strand tobacco. While its reasonably clean, it does have some stems/twigs and some 'green' tobacco. This is the first tobacco I bought. I'm really not sure how it would rate now. ~$15 per lb.
[ comment | link | top ]admin


Made by S&M Brands Inc. Availability is limited to the Southeastern states. ~$24LB
[ page | comments (1) - Sunday, 04-Feb-2007 | top ]admin

Ten Twenty's (10/20's)

Made in India by Dhanraj International (1 MYO/~10 premade).
[ page | comments (1) - Saturday, 14-Apr-2007 | top ]admin


Made by Wind River Tobacco Company. Comes in Regular, Mild, Ultra Mild and Menthol. Mike says: Seems like a quality tobacco at a discount price. Long cut, gold in color and has a butter/apple flavor.
[ page | comments (2) - Wednesday, 03-Jan-2007 | top ]admin


Good smoke. Very fine cut and long interlocked strands. Pouches only.
[ page | comments (3) | top ]admin

Three Castles

Another US remake of of a famous blend (made by D&R for HBI, Republic Tobacco's Drum is the other). Three Castles is a high quality fine-cut bright Virginia tobacco that's light and tasty (similar to Export A). The tobacco is wrapped in some type of porous treated tissue (its not your standard waxed paper) and then placed inside of a pouch that is neither sealed or wrapped in cellophane. While others have reported the tobacco being moist, mine was a tad on the dry side. At ~$49LB you'd think they'd package it better. 25g pouches only.
[ page | comments (9) - Saturday, 08-Feb-2020 | top ]admin


Top's high visibility and cheap seeming logo had me ignoring it. Its surprisingly a pretty good/smooth smoke. Its a medium-fine short stranded tobacco with minimal twig/stem content. Low ~$20lb.
[ page | comments (18) - Tuesday, 20-Nov-2018 | top ]admin

Turkish Special

A Turkish blend from G.A. Andron. RYO Magazine: Though the flavor is not very oriental, it is truly wonderful. Long cut and golden brown Bob: no more 'turkish' than the sagamore light! light & toasty!. Low ~$14lb.
[ page | comments(4) - Monday, 09-Aug-2004 | top ]admin


Flavored tobaccos from Republic/Top. .75oz pouches. Low ~$24LB.
[ page | comments (17) - Sunday, 31-Dec-2006 | top ]admin

Wolf Brothers

Manufactured by House of Windsor. First sighting was early '04. Lil' Brown no longer carries it. Dan D says:...an inexpensive tobacco with a great taste. .
[ page | comments (1) - Tuesday, 13-Jun-2006 | top ]admin


RYO Mag: It reminds me of Farmers Gold and some of the other low-cost tobaccos [1] [both are M&R Holdings products] "Gold Series"...This new series is a significant improvement...appears to be less burley in this blend and far more prime leaf...a large bulky cut that work well in injectors [2] Very limited online availability, none with "Gold Series", ~$26LB
[ page | comments (16) - Friday, 09-Mar-2007 | top ]admin


For some reason I compare it to, and prefer, Top. Its a short stranded fine cut tobacco with a slight cocoa smell. Its made from "Burley and Virginia tobaccos enhanced with the addition of imported aromatic oriental tobacco". Minimal twig/stem. ~$20lb.
[ page | comments (28) - Wednesday, 13-Mar-2013 | top ]admin

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