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Inter-Continental Trading

Inter-Continental Trading Co., Ltd. - Bangkok Thailand tobacco manufacturer since 2000.
Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc. - US importer/distributor since 2002. Owned by Shrujal Patel. Retail arm is RYOC/Fair Price Tobacco. Phone: 847-439-1807

Asia Gold (NLA)
Smokers Gold (NLA '04 RYOM review)

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Inter-Continental Trading Co
Posted by Steve Miller on Wednesday, 11-May-2005

Dear Sir / Ms.

My company, Inter-Continental Trading Co.,Ltd, is based in Thailand and we have been manufacturing and supplying quality tobacco products for five years.

Recently my company has been granted import licences and NPM certification to trade in the USA and through our distributor, we are now selling our products in fifteen States.

We are now seeking distributors in Western and Eastern Europe and would appreciate it if you might offer some interest in this matter.

Our product, Asia Gold, virginia hand rolling tobacco, is of the type and quality as the leading European brands such as Drum and Golden Virginia. Our sales in Thailand (which are solely targeted at the European tourist) have recently taken the market lead over the two above mentioned imported brands. This product is new to the U.S market but receiving favourable reviews.

Smoker's Gold is a MYO (make your own) Virginia tobacco manufactured and designed for the American "home made" cigarette market. We supply it in attractively packaged 184 grm and 453 grm vacuum sealed bags.

All our products contain the minimum of flavourings, colourings and preservatives and we hold all relevent licences to trade in the USA and manufacture and distribute in Thailand and surrounding countries.

Our products have been reviewed in many trade journals in the USA and below please find a link to one of them.

Thank You and Best Regards.

Stephen Miller
Inter-Continenal Trading Company.,Ltd
Bangkok, Thailand.

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Re: Inter-Continental Trading Co
Posted by Eric Cabana on Friday, 25-Jun-2010

Stephen Miller,

I am considering starting a small busines in the RYO MYO market. I am in need on a tobacco supplier as well as other items in the United States. I am based in Evanston, IL. Would you consider private labeling your products? What other tobacco related products do you offer?

Eric Cabana

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Re: Inter-Continental Trading Co
Posted by James Verigin on Wednesday, 05-Nov-2014

Sir,    I have been using your product long time now.

          Villa Stores Now sells Smokers Gold Regular@   235 Baht

            Smokers Gold Light@   235 Baht    Same Price??????

             Is this correct?????

          Thank-you for your time

               Mr James Verigin

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