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A well known French pre-made brand available as loose tobacco.

  • Fine Cut Mellow Flavor/Caporal - zware
  • Halfzware - Virginia, Burley and Kentucky

Pouches only, ~$31LB. NLA in the US

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Re: Gauloises
Posted by TampaJason on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2007

every time the clerk at the local kwik-e-mart hands me the pouch of Drum, i nearly cringe. NOTHING will ever replace my Gauloises Caporal. i quit smoking marlborough lights 7 years ago and would never dream of going back to smoking "manufactored" cigarettes. this is a SAD shame and hopefully someone of high enough authority will say "there's a niche in the market that's not being satisfied". "there a demand and zero supply". does it take a Master's In Business to say "hello! that's money down the toilet". lose-lose v. a win-win.   um.....duh....doi....??? i dunno davey....

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Re: Gauloises
Posted by RCH on Saturday, 05-May-2007

I happened to get lucky today when I went into a recently discovered tobacco shop. They had ten pouches left so I bought them all.

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Gauloises Halfzware
Posted by Curtis on Wednesday, 24-Jan-2007

Anyone know where you can still purchase this? I know it has been dicontinued - but I simply love the flavor of this tobacco. If there is no-where to get it, is there one comparable in taste?

A million thanks,

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Re: Gauloises Halfzware
Posted by Warren on Saturday, 27-Jan-2007

I am down to two pouches of Gauloises "mellow" (yeah, sure) flavor and have reduced their use to one stick a week, to stretch it out. I wish someone would reintroduce them into USA.

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Re: Gauloises
Posted by ROGER MILLER on Wednesday, 03-Jan-2007


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Re: Gauloises
Posted by Scott Johnson on Wednesday, 03-Jan-2007

I'd smoke it!!! I like Cockstrong in either a full flavor tube, or rolled filterless. although i need to be sitting down cause it makes me buzz kinda hard for a bit, heheheh. I love the flavor of cockstrong.

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Re: Gauloises
Posted by AusD on Sunday, 05-Mar-2006

You can order Gauloises fine cut rolling tobacco from Turmeaus Tobacconist in Liverpool (UK), they ship anywhere in the world. Price is a bit higher due to UK tax and shipping costs but if you cant find it anywhere else try them.


Turmeaus Tobacconist
16 Water Street
L2 8TD

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Re: Gauloises
Posted by Dan the littledog on Saturday, 17-Dec-2005

The first time i smoked a roll up of Gauloises was in '91 i knew i had found my Holy Grail of cigarette tobacco. It socked me in the lungs and made me into a man as it curled the hair on my chest. Powerfull,full bodied and yet mellow on the throat with a deep,dark mysteriously oriental/cigar like aroma and taste. Then after 11 years i went to Lookout Zware as it was cheaper and it disappeared. Then to Black Death until it also disappeared. And when i returned to Gauloises and tried to order more off the Net it was gone. I grieved,then ran all over town to buy up 3 and 1/2 six packs. I horde and loving savor only a few each day now...

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Re: Gauloises
Posted by Michael on Thursday, 09-Aug-2007

I found a website last night that claims to be a duty free store, they have Gitanes and Gauloises,plus a zware I have not heard of, but I am a noob, I have no idea if they are legit or not, was wondering if anyone has ordered from a duty free shop online.

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Re: Gauloises Blondes Légères
Posted by MdelLago on Monday, 20-Dec-2004

I'm very new to the RYO/MYO scene and I'm trying to find a brand that is similar to my good ol' BGL's. Does anyone know what tobaccos are used in this variety? I feel a fool when I ask the clerk at a cigarette shop and can't describe it as anything other than "European" flavored.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Gauloises Blondes Légères
Posted by Dave L on Tuesday, 21-Dec-2004

IIUC the Blondes are relatively mild. PS Danish Export and the Milde's from Look-Out and Sampson come to mind. The European manufactured Arbo and Mac Baren American blends might also fit the category. I don't think Mynheer American, with its vanilla aspect, qualifies as European tasting.

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Re: Gauloises
Posted by Heath on Thursday, 17-Jun-2004

I've been smoking Gauloises Caporal (or Mellow flavor as it now referred to) fo rtwo years now and won't smoke anything else. I've tried the halfzware and did not find it as smooth as the caporal. I used to get it at my local tobacco store before I moved. I had a new tobacco store that would order it for me but it seemed to take her quite awhile so you could try that. I now buy it on the internet on a site called ziggymart.com It costs about $19 plus shipping for a pack of 6 pouches, but I keep them in the fridge til I need another (don't think its necessary though) and I'm good to go for a couple weeks. Don't know if you can order it in Toronto, but check out the sight.

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Re: Gauloises
Posted by Teo on Thursday, 17-Jun-2004

"Chest Busters" I have heard it called, but it is the only thing I smoke. I'm relocated to Toronto and hoping someone knows where I can get it here???

I find it to be the only "good" tobacco, and nothing else does the trick - except cigars and they are waaay more expensive.

Comes with 50 papers and I'd say it is the best deal in tobacco on the planet.

Where can I get some in Toronto? THANKS!

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Gauloises halfzware
Posted by Dave L on Tuesday, 04-May-2004

The pouch I got was pretty dry yet surprisingly very smooth. Very enjoyable smoke, great taste. The tobacco is slightly darker than most halfzwares yet, perhaps because of its smoothness, seems milder. Halfzwares are generally to strong for me but I'm pretty sure this is going to end up in my favorites as an occasional/special smoke.

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Gauloises hand rolling tobacco
Posted by Puffaddict on Thursday, 01-Apr-2004

Just bought a pouch. Billed on the package as "mellow flavor, fine cut".
Strong stuff, dark in color and pungent when smoked. Injected fine, seems to have a lot of nicotine and is very flavorful when smoked, lots of taste, kind of harsh on the throat towards the end of the cig. I liked it but its too strong for me to smoke every day. Cant finish a whole cigarette of it.
Any body else tried it?

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Re: Gauloises hand rolling tobacco
Posted by anthony on Monday, 18-Dec-2006

The finest no doubt.. Lookout full zware is comparable. but try to fine them

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