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There's lots of places to buy tobacco, tubes, etc. online. I've checked a lot of them out. I've ignored a lot of them because they have the same products at higher (shipped) prices than those already on this list. I'm only listing those I have bought from (the good and the not so good) and those that show good potential.

American Thrust Tobacco
Some promising features. I like the $1 1oz samples. I like that with a $90 purchase shipping is free and if you need it they will replace your broken Supermatic or Excel cigarette machine machine with a fully refurbished one for free. They have both an online store and a "Online Brochure" order by 800#. Though they have a pretty good range of products, their prices are just too high for me.
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Cigs For Less
Oct '06: No longer selling tobacco online, accessories only.
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Custom Blends
Now "only available to Pennsylvania residents"
AKA 7 Valleys Custom Blends. Lots of 'custom blended' (some appear to be repackaged brand names) tobacco choices. A plus is the 1 oz. samples, I really wish more of the shops did this. Something odd though, my introduction to 'soapy' tasting tobacco and tubes and the first 'bad' tasting tobacco I have tried. I don't know if this stuff is being stored around incense or what but whatever it is the tubes and tobacco are picking it up, bad news. While I found a couple of bends I liked, they were not so good to justify their high ($25 to $39+ lb.) price. Shipping was reasonable and they were pretty efficient ('02).
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D&R Tobacco
Daughters & Ryan, Inc., dba D&R Tobacco, is a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of many highly rated tobaccos. The best selection of tubes I have seen. 3.5oz. sample cans and assorted kits. The site is out of date and badly organized. Product prices are reasonable (their tobaccos are ~$19 - $25 per LB). Shipping charges are on the high side (15-20%). For Customer Service call 1-877-989-9458 or email them, most folks recommend calling.

...The original D&R site now only sells accessories and is called Bec's Accessories. The tobacco sales side of the business is now located at smoke-n-chew.com and is called Trisha's Cafe. Presumably Bec and Trisha are the names of Mark Ryans daughters.
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Detroit Tobacco
They stock mostly inexpensive tobaccos and the brand names change on a fairly regular basis. They no longer have Smoky cases, or an electric Supermatic. Sept '02: Shipping was OK and they were quick (received 3rd business day after ordering).
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Lil' Brown Smoke Shack (LB, LBSS)
They have a pretty good selection of brand name tobaccos at prices that are hard to beat. Their tube selection and prices aren't bad either. Shipping is 8-$10 (depends on order total). If I order before their UPS pickup I get my order the next day (UPS ground, same state). They shipped a wrong item once (out of 10 orders) and UPS picked up the return and delivered the correct replacement item the next business day. I switched to Tobacco General when they could no longer ship tobacco to my state.
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Roll Your Own Tobacco (RYOT)
May '11: Significantly changed and reduced tobacco selection.
RYO Tobacco, AKA EWSG Inc. dba BR Tobacco, stocks a few tobaccos and tubes many others don't. Their Sagamore tobacco gets good reviews. Some of the tobacco's they stock are available in $3 - 1oz. samples. Prices range from decent to high (tobacco cans are typically $2-$7 higher than LB and RYOC). Flat rate $8.95 Priority Mail shipping.
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Windy City Cigars (was RYO Cigarette)
Mar '15: Now Windy City Cigars (ryocigarette.com and qwaaq.com are gone)
The retail arm of Inter-Continental Trading USA, Inc. (OHM tobacco, Shargio tubes, etc.)
RYO Cigarette (AKA FairPrice Tobacco Inc., Qwaaq, etc.) has a reasonable selection and some good prices, especially on tubes. I've been buying my tubes from them since '04. They can be an unprofessional outfit with lousy service and communication (no reply to emails, messed up orders with slow/no resolution, damage due to poor packaging, slow to ship, no order confirmation/tracking). While they have added order confirmation email, its optional and off by default... fixed. When checked the automated communication, confirmation and UPS tracking, works well. With the exception of missing freebies (lighters and ashtray), my '06 and '07 orders were fine. My '09 order was problem free... as was '19... and '20. Shipping is free if order is >= $200... now $14 flat rate.
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Smokers Warehouse
May '11: No longer subscription, very limited offerings.
Subscription based tobacco and tubes. Their own brand of tobacco in regular or menthol only. Your choice of regular or light tubes (Premier and ???). Subscription price is $26.90 (includes shipping) per month for 3 - 6oz bags of tobacco and 3 boxes of tubes. With your first order you get a free Supermatic II. Tobacco price works out to ~$13LB (sans shipping).
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Stuff Your Own
My last order ('02) arrived across the country 3 days after ordering with order 'confirmed' and 'shipped' emails arriving the same day I placed the order. I started out w/ their 'Excel Starter Kit'. Tobacco choices are limited to their house brand and Golden Harvest. Their site is pretty user friendly and while shipping charges aren't upfront, they are reasonable.
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Tobacco Avenue
May '11: gone
A reasonable selection of tobaccos at good prices. Tube selection is limited to Zig-Zag (FF/LT REG/100) and Premier (FF REG only). It looks like shipping is $6.99 for up to 9LBS, $8.99 for up to 16LBS, and so on.
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Tobacco For Less
May '07: Both tobacco-for-less.com and rollitandsmokeit.com are dead.
Sept '06: They now have online ordering.
AKA River City Tobacco Co. No online ordering (1-877-574-5542 isn't always answered) and pretty useless site with out of date prices. That said, the tobacco I got (in '02) was fresh (good odds - they are also a distributor), the price good and the delivery quick (3 day X-country). I don't know about current pricing but they used to be the cheapest source for Stoker's #2.
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Tobacco General
Tobacco General stocks numerous pipe and dual purpose tobaccos, most in the $12-$15lb range. Shipping is free on orders over $120 and $8 on smaller orders. My first order went without a hitch - email communication was good and my order shipped the next day... same w/ the second ('11), my retailer of choice for basic tobacco (OHM and Buoy Natural)... '15 and still my retailer of choice (zero issues)... No longer shipping tobacco to Alaska, California, Illinois, South Dakota, Vermont, Utah and Washington.
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Tobacco Station
May '11: Same stock/owner as RYOT
Their own brand of tobacco and a very limited selection of tubes and accessories. $7.95 flat rate Priority Mail shipping.
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Tobacco Stock
Tobacco and tube selection and pricing very similar to Tobacco General. Free shipping on orders > $99 (VS $120 @ TG). No tobacco shipments to Alaska, California, Illinois, South Dakota, Vermont, Utah or Washington
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'09: Accessories only, no longer selling tobacco.
Ziggymart has a good selection and some decent prices on tobacco. Some of their tobaccos and tubes/accessories are way overpriced. Their site is a bit slow but it works and shipping is upfront and reasonable. They can be slow, a couple of my orders took 10/11 days, the last was received in 5 business days...I'm no longer a fan because of things like bags with ripped off labels (leaving a sticky residue and holes in the bags), dried out tobacco, their slowness, and finding lower (by 50% and more in many cases) prices elsewhere.
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