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Mac Baren

American and halfzware blends from Mac Baren. Both are clean high quality tobaccos. The halfzware is a blend of Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos presented as a fine-cut medium-length shag. It has a nice smoky/spicy flavor that's not too strong or heavy. The American is a nice medium-cut blend of Virginia's, Burley and Oriental (If I had to smoke an 'American' blend, this would probably be my choice). Low ~$25 LB.

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Mac Baren American blend
Posted by adamatari on Monday, 19-Feb-2007

My first impression on opening up a can of this was that it was heavily flavored. It smelled strongly of flavorings and was quite moist.

I found that even when aired out for 10-15 minutes it retains it's strong smell. However, accepting this it's not bad. It smokes mild with a very "American" flavor, somewhat like a premade but much better. It has a well put together, balanced flavor and good body. On the other hand it doesn't stand out much. I would recommend it to anyone going from premades or people who like American blends, but if you are turned off by flavorings I would avoid it.

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mac baren
Posted by adam on Saturday, 10-Feb-2007

i bought both the american blend and the halfzware they are both awsome deffinately give them a try

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Re: Mac Baren
Posted by Slim on Friday, 11-Nov-2005

I tried a can of the Mac Baren American blend, to my delight it is excellent. Very similar to Marlboro Reds, but much nicer. To my taste, it was at its best, when It was just ever so slightly damp. When it was dry to the touch it was a tad stronger. I will definitely keep a can on hand in the future.

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Re: Mac Baren
Posted by Dave L on Friday, 12-Nov-2004

This has recently showed up at Lil' Brown and RYO Cigarette. RYOC has both in pouches ($51 LB) and cans ($47 LB). Lil' Brown only has the halfzware pouches ($31 LB)...With pipesandcigars typically high prices I was surprised to find Mac Baren cans for $8.15 ($25LB).

RYO Mag. has a review, bottom of http://www.ryomagazine.com/tobacco.htm

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Re: Mac Baren Tobacco
Posted by Kev on Thursday, 11-Nov-2004

Besides Sportsman, Mac Baren also has a halfzware shag. I ordered a pouch when stocking my Sportsman Vanilla. This is a very dark (almost black) mix of Virginia and Kentucky flue-cured tobacco. The smell reminds me of Danish Export but the flavor seems similar to a milder version of Bali Shag.

I'll admit my daily smoke is a Stoker #2 light base with a little vanilla. But this is adds a nice variety. Smooth enough to smoke by itself, not harsh and a deep flavor.   

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