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Quality tobaccos made in Denmark by Peter Stokkebye. Bali is an old (1932) European brand that includes halfzwares and the Euro-American Golden Shag. The McClintock brand was developed for the north American market and is the European take on 'American' blends. The six Peter Stokkebye blends range from halfzware to mild Virginia.

Bali Shag

While Bali Shag is still made by Peter Stokkebye, Commonwealth now owns the brand name. These are clean fine-cut shags that typically have to be dried a bit to stuff adequately. Though not real SYO friendly, they are all high quality tobaccos.

   (Light) Halfzware - Kentucky and Virginia (dutch style)
   Golden - Virginia and oriental

The Turkish and Smooth/Rich Virgina have been discontinued. Low ~$29lb.
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Fine-cut Burley, Virginia and Oriental 'American' blends. A light is a clean and good tasting tobacco. It can have a noticeable sweet smell and an almost sugary-sticky feel. The smoke is smooth and mild. Its packed pretty moist and tight (I move it to tupperware to loosen and dry it some before use). Low ~$15 per lb.

The McClintock brand is now owned by Commonwealth and the Stokkebye/Denmark made tobacco (cans) will soon be replaced with Polish made (bags).
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Peter Stokkebye

Quality tobaccos from Denmark. These are every bit as good as Peter Stokkebye's higher priced Bali brand.

  • Amsterdam Shag - Fire-cured Kentucky and Virginia (halfzware)
  • Danish Export - Virginia's
  • London Export - Virginia's (full bodied/rich)
  • Norwegian Shag - Virginia, Burly and Oriental
  • Stockholm Blend - Virginia "with a touch of Dark-Fires"*
  • Turkish Export - Turkish Samsun and Virginia

Typical Stokkebye high moisture fine/extra fine cut shags that are a bit of a PITA. Available in 300gr/10.6oz and 100gr/3.5oz cans. Low ~$23LB
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