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This is a hobby site for folks interested in making their own cigarettes. The focus is on the 'stuff your own' (SYO) method of making cigarettes. The SYO method involves using pre-formed tubes (empty cigarettes, with or without filters) and a machine to 'stuff' (inject/shoot) tobacco into them. The SYO method is a relatively easy, efficient, and economical way to 'make your own' (MYO) 'custom made cigarettes' (CMC).

This site has no affiliations with any person or company selling or manufacturing SYO related products. Currently the only item being sold (out of stock) on this site is a hopper tray attachment that I designed and make for the Supermatic and Top-O-Matic machines. I'm a designer/craftsman by trade and have no qualifications as a tobacco expert or a writer.

The site started as a personal bookmark/notes page. The feedback from that page (and a website script that needed testing... now in a constant state of development :-) motivated me to start this site. The response has been great. I'd like to keep the site ad free and as user driven as possible. I'm not in a position to keep on top of everything (new products, useful links, price increases, etc.) and can only try/review a portion of the available SYO products. Any and all contributions are appreciated.

While I try to keep the content of the site and my posts accurate, I have been known to be wrong. I have neither the time to reply to, or the breadth of knowledge to judge the accuracy of, all the posts made by others. If you see something that you think is ignorant or inaccurate, _please_ say something. If you are reluctant to participate in an open forum, please send me an email. If you request it, your name and/or affiliations will not appear on the site.

While it would be valuable to have direct participation by folks in the industry, I can understand the reluctance. You are welcome to email me press releases and other information that folks reading this site might be interested in. If you are willing to be a contact person, someone who can answer an occasional question, that would be most welcome. If you want me to review something, send or loan (machines) me a sample.


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All quoted material and contributions to this site are Copyright their attributed sites/authors. Images associated with off-site links are Copyright per the associated site. Everything else is work by Dave Lers and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
Sept '07: added Creative Commons license
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