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Top's high visibility and cheap seeming logo had me ignoring it. Its surprisingly a pretty good/smooth smoke. Its a medium-fine short stranded tobacco with minimal twig/stem content. Low ~$20lb.

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Re: Top
Posted by Shelby osborne on Tuesday, 20-Nov-2018

I would like to order some of the tops cigarette tobacco could you tell me the cheapest price online?

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Re: Top
Posted by dave z on Saturday, 26-Jan-2008

I had a 3 month old pouch of Top I had bought waiting for my D&R order, as its in most grocery/drug stores locally. I remember it being my last choice and basically an expensive emergency smoke, much preferred Bugler. It stuffs well, very few stems, smells decent, that is until you light it. I remember why I preferred Bugler. This, imo, tastes very similiar to Gambler, which I just tried, albeit quite a bit pricier. I really want to like this tobacco as its easily obtained. I hope my wife doesnt notice that I ve mixed it w/ her Windsail Silver in the A.M. I cant stand to throw it out.

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Re: Top
Posted by Matt on Friday, 01-Jun-2007

Bought my first can about 9 years ago for $5.39 at Walgreen's. The same can now costs $10.99. This was also my first RYO purchase. I smoked it on & off for a few years and then forgot about it until a couple days ago. It has a smokiness to it that I can't figure out...almost fire-cured but I know that can't be it. I can't even tell if it's an oriental or burley.

As far as rolling goes, it has the perfect cut for a stuffing machine or a roller. This morning I got out the old Excel figuring since I'd been out of practice with this machine being my least-used and also using 15mm filtered Gamblers that I'd stuff a couple rejects. The cut of this tobacco worked so well in the Excel that I almost hope to get used to Top again. (Top with a filter sorta tastes like a premade, much to my chagrin.) Top is also very easy to roll which prompted me to see how well it would work in a roller. (Another device I rarely use.) The results were amazing compared to Bugler. (My best results with Bugler are hand rolled because they also taste like premades with a filter...which I guess can be good or bad.)

As a side note...those of you who think RYO is under the radar; check out the price quotes above. I don't think an over 100% increase in 9 years is under the radar.

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Good smoke but no good for stuffing
Posted by smokey54 on Thursday, 15-Feb-2007

I've pretty much given up with Top. A decent smoke but only works with my rolling machine. When using the stuffer it will either leave a huge filter end void or jam the machine completely. I've tried drying it out but it still jams. The other 2 locally available tobaccos, Drum and Bugler stuff very well.

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Re: Good smoke but no good for stuffing
Posted by Captain U-96 aka Mike on Thursday, 15-Feb-2007

I've used Top quite a bit in the past with no problems in either my Supermatics or my Topomatic. The problem I had was getting tired of it, and needing something different. So, I'd do the Bugler route, or the Roll Rich, or Five Brothers Smoking Tobacco. My hand-held Zig Zag hand-held didn't like it vary much though. Mike

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Top Regular
Posted by Ross on Friday, 09-Feb-2007

The local smoke shop had this on sale, and it came with the a coupon for the top tubes so I bought them also. I cannot complain about the tubes, although they're not my favorite ( bugler ). Top's regular blend was alright at first, but after about a four days of nothing but it found it's way to the TOP- of my trash can! Decent, better than most of what you can buy prepackaged but imo there are far better, cleaner blends to be had.

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Top Menthol
Posted by Mark Harrison on Saturday, 23-Sep-2006

Decent taste, stuffs excellent in the topomatic. Menthol is not overpowering.

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Re: Top Menthol
Posted by DAVE Z on Saturday, 05-Jan-2008

Try this, and then try Kite. Better yet just get two of the Kite. Is the Top really menthol? Or some type of overbearing mint? It seems to only be flavored on the top of the can. Better to dump it out and mix the whole can to blend the pseudo-mint seasoning. Or better yet , donate it to the prison systems, where allowed. Beats spinach.

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Top Light
Posted by Wazmo Nariz on Saturday, 29-Jul-2006

I've been MYO and RYO'ing for the past 7 years and had never tried TOP tobacco except for the flavoured types (the strawberry is excellent, BTW). Well, I had mis-timed my D&R order and ran out of my usual Windsail Platinum and found myself deciding to try a pouch of TOP Light from the local smoke shack.

I was initially disappointed to find a pouch of extremely dry and brittle smokage, and the first tube I stuffed was rather harsh, as would be expected. After a bit of rehydrating, however, I was shocked at how decent the stuff was. It is rich and full-flavoured for a "light", perhaps more flavourful than I would expect, especially since I stuffed a light tube. I burned long and evenly and while it won't displace WP as my main smoke, i won't be so reticent about using it again in a pinch. Not bad stuff at all, really.

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Re: Top Light
Posted by JayFreddy on Friday, 09-Feb-2007

Recently tried some Top Light and was I very impressed. I usually smoke Sagamore Platinum Gold or Three Castles. I'm strictly a hand roller, and most "grocery store" brands are too harsh for me. The Top Light was nice and smooth, and while it won't displace Sagamore Platinum Gold as my regular, it's good to know I have a decent grocery store option if needed. Even without a filter, it's light and smooth, and I suspect it would be extremely smooth in filter tubes.

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Re: Top
Posted by Jo on Saturday, 28-Jan-2006

I finally got mad enough to attempt to roll my own. I had tried it before with a hand injector and didn't have any luck.

I bought the Supermatic and used Top and the filtered tubes that came with the Supermatic. It was too strong. I didn't know that you can get it in light and mild. It gave me a headache and made me cough. I plan on trying the light Top tobacco next.

I love the Supermatic. It works so much better than I thought it would. It is slow or I am slow. I spend a lot of time on the ends pushing the tobacco into the cigarette instead of cutting the tobacco off.

My husband picked up some Gambler light tobacco and a small pouch of McClintock light tobacco at a tobacco shop. I am looking forward to trying the two new brands as soon as I get them stuffed.

I used to smoke Kent. I liked the smooth, mild taste of them. Does anyone know what tobacco tastes most like Kent regulars?

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Re: Top velvet peach
Posted by Jennifer on Thursday, 24-Mar-2005

I picked some of the top peach last time I ordered from lilbrown. I can't say its my favorite. But its not bad. The tobacco its self has a nice peach smell. The taste is more of an after taste after you exhale. For the price I think its worth buying a pouch to give it a try.

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Re: Top
Posted by Jennifer on Wednesday, 07-Jul-2004

Having shifted from MYO because I am poor to MYO because its way better, I have been finding better tobaccos than I usualy smoked. I still smoke top every now and then when I am out of my regular and the smoke shop I normaly go to is closed. Top is not something I realy care to smoke that often, but its smokeable. So its a fine back up tobacco.

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Re: Top
Posted by Jennifer on Friday, 05-Nov-2004

yesterday I picked up a pouch of top because I had forgotten my cigarettes. I had only ever tried it hand rolled unfiltered. I injected some and found it to be much nicer in a tube. I may order a can next time I order from lil brown.

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Re: Top
Posted by Jennifer on Saturday, 22-May-2004

I have smoked top many times in the past. Usualy due to it being so damn cheap. Now I primairly smoke Zen Light. At the smoke shop I go to the zen is cheaper than the top and I think much better quality. But the one good thing about top is its wide availablilty.

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Re: Top
Posted by Bob on Monday, 16-Feb-2004

RE:top (top light) I picked up a tin of top light at my local food store & being a MYO fan of about four years I've found my favorites, McClintock Virginia in escort or el rey light tubes using a preimer supermatic I've tried many brands (some were a waste of money) & now know what i like & I'll have to add top & top light to my list as a very good widely avalable almost everywhere tobacco. Sometimes the good stuff is not all found in some small esoteric smoke shop somewhere on the other side of the Country. In my taste there are better I use everyday but this is sure a good introduction to hopefully many pre made smokers thinking of of our MYO/RYO world & get better & cheaper smokes, Enjoy

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Re: Re: Top
Posted by Puffaddict on Sunday, 28-Mar-2004

I only recently started making my own and bought some drum and shortly after that some bali shag red and turkish blend.
Mixed the three together, about 25% drum 25% bali shag red and 50% bali shag turkish blend, the result was the best cigarette I ever smoked.
I just bought some Top and after getting used to the above was extremly disapointed. It had the flat dry chemical taste that I associate with pack cigarettes and on the first puff I got the smothery feeling I remembered from smoking pack cigarettes.
While this might be an intro to myo, anyone whos gotten used to better tobacco (myo) might be unhappy with it.
Should mention though that Im happy enough with the top injectors and tubes, the tobacco IMO sucks.

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