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Sagamore Platinum

Oct '06: For some reason RYOT is now calling Auld Kendal, Sagamore Platinum.
Made in England (Gawith Hoggarth) with "time honored hand processing tradition". Clean, high quality, very fine-cut, tobaccos with high moisture content.

  • Golden
  • Medium
  • Dark
  • Georgia
  • Menthol
  • Vanilla
  • Black Cherry

The Georgia (now called Holborn) is a mild "golden blend" that's in the same vein as Sampson Milde and Bali Red (Golden Shag). The taste has a unique and interesting earthy quality (RYOT calls it winey). Available from RYOT. $30LB.

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Auld Kendal
Posted by bebop on Saturday, 02-Dec-2006

Has anyone tried the Sagamore vanilla? I like the tops wildfire new york vanilla and would like try another vanilla flavored tobacco.

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Re: Auld Kendal
Posted by JayFreddy on Saturday, 03-Feb-2007

I can vouch for the Sagamore Platinum Vanilla. Very high quality stuff, and much better than the Tops vanilla. Even people who don't normally appreciate flavored tobacco will appreciate the Sagamore Platinum Vanilla. It's hand cut, extremely fine, and just excellent quality tobacco. I also like their Platinum Gold (formerly Auld Kendall), it's one of the best rolling tobacco's I've ever smoked. It's very much like Three Castles, but not identical. I used to prefer Three Castles, but will go with the Sagamore Platinum Gold so long as it's available. Hope this helps!

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Kendal Golden Blend
Posted by Racoonster on Tuesday, 27-Dec-2005

I just received a few tins/small bags of Auld Kendal yesterday (priority mail on a Federal Holiday!), including the "Kendal Golden Blend". This blend is the spitting image of the Three Castles. Same color, same fine fine cut in a shag. Same smell to my nose, to a large degree. Maybe not exact, but I am unable to tell which one is which when left unpackaged on my drying plate.

I rolled both in the Three Castle light tubes, as that is how I had been smoking the occasional Three Castle SYO smokes. On this occasion, I found the Auld Kendal Golden to be a little too light for this tube, and my tastes for a medium strongish smoke. So I feel the TC is a bit "stronger", in that it puts out more smoke. But the taste is pretty similar, and I like both quite a lot.

I suspect this mildness may be due to moisture content, as the Auld Kendal Golden came in a sealed tin, and I heard the hiss of vacuum when I opened it. And when this fresh it is really very moist indeed, and can not be stuffed without drying. The Three Castles is packaged somewhat drier, and some may need to dry it a little before stuffing. I have a nice loose old maroon colored Supermatic that I stuff tobacco that is too moist for any other machine with, so I only let the Kendal dry for an hour at most. But since I loathe very dry tobacco, I may smoke it wetter than some folks.

It is possible that the two tobaccos are even more similar if dried to the exact same moisture content.

What I find hard to understand is why I waited so long to try the Auld Kendal, as it is readily available from RYO tobacco, listed here. And they say "This beautiful finely (hand) cut shag is reminiscent of Three Castles rolling tobacco." Maybe because I've heard that (and "just like drum") before.......

I'm going to buy more of both, but at the lower price of Auld Kendal, ($30 a pound)I can tell you which I'm likely to buy more of, more often. And it won't be the green packaged one.

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Auld Kendal
Posted by Wood on Friday, 18-Feb-2005

For you handrollers out there, Auld Kendal Golden blend from RYO tobacco is a light,spicey smoke similar to Danish Export, lighter than Bali Golden. Beautifully presented.
A little pricey but a luxurious change of pace. It comes very moist and has to be dried out to inject.
Manufactured by Gawith Hoggarth in England.

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