Stuffing Your Own

NOTE: While this site remains operational, development was discontinued in April '08 and much of the content is out of date.

There are two ways you can make your own (MYO) cigarettes, roll your own (RYO) and stuff your own (SYO). This site provides information, reviews and how-to's for all things related to the SYO method of making your own custom made cigarettes.

RYO cigarettes are made with rolling papers, by hand or with a rollbox. SYO cigarettes are made with 'tubes' - empty cigarettes, with or without filters - and a machine (or hand-held injector) to 'stuff' tobacco into them.

With a little experience and a decent machine it takes about 5 minutes to make a pack of cigarettes. While one reason to stuff your own is economics - a carton of custom made cigarettes can cost as little as $6 - quality and choice is why many of us continue to stuff our own.

Your SYO experience

How did you get started? Why do (or don't) you do it? Share your experiences with folks interested in making their own cigarettes.
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RYO Magazine
Lots of MYO info here, the site that got me started. The site includes in depth reviews of new products, an Archive of reviews dating back to 2000 and a Multimedia section with tobacco, tube and injector videos. The site is advertiser driven which has lead to quite a bit of discussion (now) on the MYO Forum.
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