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D&R: "A traditional mentholated tobacco blend for the purist and connoisseur." ~$19LB

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Re: Wingate
Posted by dave z on Friday, 11-Jan-2008

As an ex Kool/Newport smoker, I tried the Wingate. I'm glad I found this site by the way, as its probably saved me money on untried tobaccos. The Wingate is a good alternative to either of the above, it actually tastes better imo. Strangely I smoke a lot less menthol now as SYO baccys have great flavor. I now only smoke straight menthols a few times a day, and mainly use it as a component for blending. I think any FF menthol smoker would be happy w/ this brand. Another good one is Iceberg, although I prefer the Wingate. For a serious menthol hit, try either in a mentholated tube, that ll clear your sinuses. BTW, I read here that Md taxes tubes @10.00 per box, not true.

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Wingate Light Menthol
Posted by Alist on Friday, 14-Sep-2007

I smoked menthol lights for only 3 of the last 27 years. I purchased a 3.5 tub of the Wingate Light Menthol just to try it out. All I have to say is WOW! Since I am an ultralight smoker, I stuff this into a Gizeh Charbon tube. I dare say it is THE perfect light menthol. This is the only D & R flavor I have tried so far. Based solely on Wingate Light Menthol alone, I have 4 other flavors of D & R I plan to purchase 'taste unseen.' Excellent stuff!

My only question is should the D & R tobaccos be left to store in the 3.5 oz. plastic tubs? I placed my thumb in the center of the lid to seal it, which left a dimple in the center of the lid. When I later checked it, the dimple wasn't there, which suggests to me the 3.5 oz. plastic tubs aren't quite airtight.

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Re: Wingate Light Menthol
Posted by Alist on Sunday, 18-Nov-2007

I have to change one thing about my review above. The Wingate light in a Gizeh Menthotip tube makes an absolutely INCREDIBLE menthol light cigarette. Although I smoke ultralight as a rule, the flavor of the Wingate light in a Menthotip tempts me heavily to switch back to smoking menthol lights. I just don't think a menthol light cigarette could get any better than this. (I have requested a tub of Wintergold for Xmas, so I might change my position after 12/25. If so, I will report back)

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Wingate Gold
Posted by Kev on Wednesday, 19-Oct-2005

I bought a tub of the mentholated gold for the spouse since she enjoys a menthol. I'm not into menthol so I'll describe the menthol flavor as strong. For those such as the spouse who enjoy menthol, they'll probably enjoy it. The tobacco was smooth, no harshness and felt like a light tobacco. It's hard for me to describe beyond that due to the menthol taste being the primary flavor. It's a fine cut strand that stuffs very easily.   

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Re: Wingate Gold
Posted by Denny on Friday, 21-Oct-2005

Hi Kev, I bought some Wingate Gold (2 bags worth), and found it was quite good. The only problem was that the menthol was a little powerful. It is probably the best menthol tobacco on the market! I blend it with sagmore light, and it is quite pleasant, as the menthol in not overbearing after the blend.
You might also want to try a bag of Sagamore Menthol, I just ordered 3 more lbs of it, as it is the closest thing to what I used to smoke. I E-Mailed Rich at RYO, and he told me that they blended the menthol too light in their last batch, and that they were going to blend more menthol in the next batch. Presently the menthol blend is quite mild, almost reminds you of commercial packaged menthol light cigarettes. I think your wife would like the present blend, as it is not overpowering the true flavor, which is quite good! their web sight is   http://www.ryotobacco.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc
And what you are looking for is the Sagamore brand.
Hope this helps

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Re: Wingate Gold
Posted by Kev on Sunday, 11-Dec-2005

I took another try. This time I mixed about 1 part Wingate Gold to 6 parts Penhooker light. It's actually pretty good once you dilute it. Premade menthols taste like your smoking Vick's Vapor Rub with a nasty aftertaste...at least to me. This is more like smoking mint tobacco.

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Re: Wingate Gold
Posted by kristi on Sunday, 15-Oct-2006

I like wingate gold, I love the smell of it and I like the feel of it. I have to mix it, though. It is just not enough menthol for me. I've tried it in menthol tubes, and in light tubes.

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Re: Wingate Gold
Posted by Joelgee on Sunday, 15-Oct-2006

Have you tried Wingate? It's a stronger menthol than Wingate Gold.

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Re: Wingate Gold
Posted by kristi on Thursday, 19-Oct-2006

how do you think the Wingate compares to Iceberg?

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Wingate Menthol
Posted by mark harrison on Tuesday, 26-Sep-2006

Very light menthol taste. Kind of harsh after taste though.

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