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Carrying your custom made cigarettes. Reviews and discussion of a handfull of cases as well as archived forum discussions about lighters and other cases.

Aluminum case

Aluminum caseThis could have advantages over the standard slip case. Unfortunately the fit of the two pieces is quite loose, the stops are set for shorty filter-less smokes and the edges at the opening are a tad sharp. Made in China... It may be a clone of a higher quality American made case.
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Large Flip-top

Large Flip-topWhile this will hold a whopping 32 Rizla 'cigarette size' tubes, they fit pretty snug. This appears to have been sized for factory made cigarettes and I doubt that 32 standard tubes would fit. Not bad for $1.29. Oct '07: It looks like RYOC is no longer stocking these
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Pop-up Case

Pop-up CaseThis is a rather ingenious case that's fun but not real practical (unless you regularly have dirty or wet hands). Its about the same size as the Smoky but only holds 12 smokes, has a loose fitting cap and isn't very well sealed. You also have to shake it to get a smoke in the proper position to eject it. I had to take mine apart because there was a slight flange (removed with a fingernail) that prevented the mechanism from moving all the way. They're $3 at RYOC... Nov '07: they now have a 100's version
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Slip case

Slip caseThe picture is of the cheap freebie that comes with the Supermatic. For smokers of 100's Tim Aydt notes that The blue, two piece Zig-Zag cases are made so that when you put the top on one way it fits king's and when reversed accommodates 100's.
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SmokyIMHO the Smoky brand plastic flip top box is the only decent cigarette box available. The box is divided into 3 compartments each sized to hold six SYO sized smokes. The compartments make the box easier to fill, the smokes get less abuse--less rolling and bouncing around--and the box is about as crush proof as you can get. The flip top is much more convenient than the 2 piece slip top cases and the slide top of the worthless 2 piece aluminum slip case some folks are selling. The Smoky brand box is well designed in all respects. Made in Germany by EFKA (other products include ElRey and Rizla tubes. Owned by Imperial Tobacco)... Jun '07: now made by AK (country unknown)... Dec '08: $2.99 @ RYOC and $1.95 @ American Thrust
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ZenWhile this case will hold 21 smokes and closes tightly, its a piece of junk. The manufacturing process results in sides that curve and dimple inwards. There's also sharp little corners and flanges of plastic all around the lid. The ridge in the lid (combined with the inward curve) is guaranteed to hangup on the filters when closing the lid. Made in China. $1.99 @ RYOC
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Archived cigarette case reviews and discussions.
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Archived lighter reviews and discussions.
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