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Menthol tobacco from Reynolds American (Bugler is their other brand). Butters says: sweetest tasting tobacco I have ever tried. ~$28LB

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Re: Kite
Posted by dennis on Tuesday, 18-Dec-2012

i started smoking kite 23 years ago and I'm still smoking it today i just wish there was discount coupons for it

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Re: Kite
Posted by dave z on Sunday, 13-Jan-2008

This tobacco, along w/ Bugler, was one of the 1st SYO baccys I tried. It has a very sweet taste, and I cant taste the turkish, but overall its pretty good. Since its available locally I wouldnt hesitate to buy it again, and probably will. At 13.00/ 6 oz. in Md, its a bit pricey, and after a lb of Wingate, I ll go w/ the Wingate, but nevertheless, its pretty tasty. Since SYO, I have decreased my menthol intake but still need a few blasts daily, these new, to me, baccys just taste too good, menthol has become a blend component pretty much. Iceberg is another tasty alternative for Kool and Newport smokers. A blend w/ Ryback, and Wingate, while not really tasting like a Kool is very satisfying.

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Kite Menthol Tobacco
Posted by Butters on Monday, 12-Dec-2005

Tested this brand out and it is the sweetest tasting tobacco I have ever tried.It has a very sweet aroma also.Those who smoked packaged Misty's or Virginia slims may like this brand.

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Re: Kite Menthol Tobacco
Posted by Turtle on Sunday, 24-Dec-2006

I'm a full flavor smoker and my friends a menthol smoker. We both liked this tobacco. The menthol when stuffed in a full flavor tube is not to strong so you can taste the tobacco too.

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