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Black Death

Educated Smoker: a good dutch blend. moist dark fire cured kentucky. may contain a few stems and bird eyes but you can pick em out it's not a big deal. good stuff. Zware and Halfzware. Pouches only, ~$30lb.
NLA in the US

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Re: Black Death
Posted by Dan the littledog on Saturday, 17-Dec-2005

No longer available but it will be missed. Lots of stems and birdseye pieces. Very smoky in taste,flavor and room aroma and lots of nicotine with little else. But the pack with the Top Hat wearing Skull was just so neat.

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Re: Black Death
Posted by Bob on Tuesday, 06-Jan-2004

Reminds me a lot of Jester that is composed of Virginias, Kentucky dark & Java leaf with no artificial additives. I think the Java leaf birdseye component adds to its flavor, Samson blue also lives on this FULL flavored dutch street & I enjoy as a treat every now & then but would be WAY to strong for me for my everyday smoke (McClintock Virginia) D&R also makes a real good lighter dutch blend under his name of Ryback.

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Re: Re: Black Death
Posted by Tim Mc. on Wednesday, 04-Feb-2004

Black Death! What a surprise I had one day after I received one of my mindless sampling-type of orders (shout out to www.ziggymart.com I love you guys!)from my internet store. I have smoked Black Death production smokes and don't find them to be very good at all. But their rolling tobacco is (again)surprisingly top notch. This guy above me knows much more about its component tobacco parts, but here is what I know.

Opening the package revealed a aromatic tobacco with colors composed of mutliple shades of gold. I was expecting some kind of flue cured dark blend that was made more for its look than its taste... being that my impression was that Black Death was all about marketing. It was nice and fresh, very slimly long-cut and as I mentioned aromatic and spicy.

I ordered both types of the Black Death, the Zware (full-strength) and the Halfzware (half-strength). I found the halfzware to be exactly as I had hoped, a nice even flavorful everyday smoke. Now the Zware, that's a different story all together. It is indeed wicked strong. I like strong tobacco so keep that in mind when I tell you how I swooned, fell over, and offered a marriage proposal to this stuff. Sure I knew in the beginning my relationship with the Zware was way too intense, so I invested in some good Zig-Zag Light tubes and eventually blended it with a bit of the Stokkebye Danish Export to bring it down a notch.

When I can find a good, fresh supply of the Zware stuff, its still one of my favorite tobacco blends, whether its solo in a light tube or blended with choice tobaccos. This is NOT a tobacco that plays well with others though. Be prepared to experiment and fail before finding it a good mate. Its also not what you think of when you think of strong tobacco. It's not very hot and bitter. It is just like your everyday tobacco, but the size of a Hill Giant shouting "Good Morning!!!" as it bursts through your door at 8:00 a.m. and your mind is still sleeping.

A grand surprise, indeed!

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Re: Re: Black Death
Posted by Linda on Tuesday, 04-Aug-2020

I am just now reading your comment and am wondering if you might know where a person can currently buy this tobacco? Thank you for any info that you can give me.

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