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Pure Natural

A Fred Stoker and Sons product. I was expecting something in the vein of Stokers #2 but this is a fine-cut with a hint of Euro/dark flavoring, not bad. Apparently this has been discontinued. Low ~$14LB.

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Re: Pure Natural
Posted by Mr Sniffles on Thursday, 15-Sep-2005

I've had the Pure Natural menthol (AKA: Iceberg). And, like many loose tobaccos, it tends to go a bit overboard with the menthol flavor. If you prefer a more subtle menthol flavor, rather that a full-on, cough drop blast, I'd advise you steer clear.

But, other than that, I found it to be really smooth, with a tinge of sweetness. This was surprising to me, as I've found many other cheaper "bulk" tobaccos to be bitter and harsh.

My only two complaints about Pure Natural is it's very long cut, and it's tendency to dry out really fast (but that seems to be the case with all "natural" tobaccos).

All in all, a solid, satisfying smoke. That's well worth the low price of admission.

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Re: Pure Natural
Posted by Lorna Hickingbottom on Monday, 06-Mar-2006

I was wondering if you could give me a name of a web site that sells pure natural tobacco by the bulk.

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Re: Pure Natural
Posted by Corvia on Wednesday, 29-Jun-2005

Have been smoking RBJ "Pure & Natural" for a few months. McClintock had been my previous choice but is unavailable in our area now.

Have also smoked Midnight special, Sixty-One, Crossroads (the worst so far) and Many Others. I find Pure & Natural to be a much smoother smoke than any of the three mentioned just above, with what I would call "occasional hints of cigar leaf".

My preference being for a dark & full flavored tobacco that satisfies my nicotine craving in not too many puffs (especially enjoyed the Italian tobacco "Forte"), I *do not* consider the words "strong" and "harsh" synonymous.

CLARIFICATION: Pure & Natural is NOT a "cigar strength" tobacco.

Re: Bulk Sales ~ one of our local tobacco shops sells Pure & Natural not only in the 1 pound bags but also (in their own zip-loc bags) broken down into 1/2 pound, 1/4 pound & 1/8 pound weights.

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Re: Pure Natural
Posted by Jennifer on Saturday, 22-May-2004

P&N is a nice smoke with high quality leaf. I normaly buy the zen because its cheaper but the P&N is nice. I nice smooth smoke that isn't to strong.

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Re: Pure Natural
Posted by Jennifer on Saturday, 03-Jul-2004

Due to the nasty reviews of this stuff. I wonder if the pure & natural I mentioned above is something differant than what you have listed here. The smoke shop I go to has it listed as Pure & natural. The stuff I tried was pretty good. So I can only assume its something differant than you what you have listed, that or maby I just have differant tastes.

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Re: Pure Natural
Posted by Jennifer on Saturday, 17-Jul-2004

After having tried other tobaccos I found the pure and natural to not be that great. But its not terrible. I guess when it comes down to it I am not that picky about tobaccos. Sure I have my prefered tobacco, but in a pinch I will smoke just about anything, except midnight special.

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Nasty Stuff
Posted by Rich3077 on Wednesday, 19-May-2004


I have been stuffing my own for a few months now.
I was happy with "Midnight Special" for most of that time..
then my wife started to comlain that is was a tad harsh, so
I started buying something called "Kentucky Smooth"
which worked out great for both of us.

A couple of days ago I decided to try a different brand..
I dont do that often because sample packs are not offered at my local shops.

I bought 1 Lb of something called "Pure Natural"
I will never forget this stuff..

Okay let me try to describe the armoma.
Have you ever smelled a cat liter box that was way past due to be changed? That ammonia and vinager smell?
Well.. thats the best example I can give for the aroma.

The taste? hmmmm lets see... it tastes just like it smells and leaves a very bad aftertaste in the mouth as well.

Its as if some cat sprayed this bag or something.

The bag itself contained no information at all about its
manufacturer or distributor.
No address or phone number or company name of any kind.

I did an internet search for the brand and came up with RBJ sales inc, however the pictures of the bag on the internet did not look the same as the bag I have so I am wondering if its a fake brand.

This brand is sold in both of my local shops and looks
very much like the 1 lb Stokers bag, which I think is also RBJ sales.

This stuff is sooooo bad that I think I will need a new cigarette case and new excel rolling machine because the smell has premeated both of these... and today when I try to roll my regular tobacco a get a faint taste of this crap

I dont know what is in this stuff, but whatever it is it cant be good... its so bad in fact that I have filed a complaint with my states attorney generals office.

I am pretty sure that at very least a distributor name must be on the package?

I dunno... but the bottom line is the stuff is just plain gross.


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Re: Nasty Stuff
Posted by Tim_Mc on Wednesday, 19-May-2004


What kind of pure and natural product gets sold in a bulk format? Not many I can tell you. I am glad to hear that my instincts were correct on this stuff. I am not so glad to hear about how it was so bad its just about contaminated your stuff. Bad news friend. Bad news. I feel for your awful experience I have had a few losers myself. But nothing quite that awful.

Nice description by the way.

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