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D&R is the most poplar company on this site. The have a wide range of high quality tobacco at affordable prices. Mark Ryan continues to raise the bar by coming up with new and interesting blends.

The newest blends are Ramback Balkan, Rowland Gold and Roland Platinum. Upcoming blends are Acadian Black Rimboche' and three organically grown blends.


D&R's description doesn't tell you much, A crafted blend of tobaccos that are combined and flavored by a very aged and guarded recipe. D. says: Smooth, mild, sweet, and uniquely aromatic...flake cut...Delicious. ~$19LB
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D&R: ...traditional American Blend...flue-cured Gold Leaf, air-cured Burley and Oriental tobaccos...No chemical flavorings or casings added D.: Packed with flavor and aroma...Powerful, smooth, rich, liquid. Medium coarse shag cut. ~$19LB
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Don Giovanni

Sigaro and Sigaretta cigar blends from D&R. $22LB
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D&R: Canadian style Virginia blend with a regular American cut...around 45% Canadian leaf. Bob: Penhooker (light) is a subtle Canadian light...rich tasting. ~$19LB
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Ramback Balkan

D&R: "A light bodied and smooth tasting blend with a flavorful and characteristic oriental finish. An exquisite combination of premium Balkan Oriental and Balkan Virginia sun-cured tobaccos, exceptional Yenice (Yenidje) and Basma tobaccos, and the finest Virginia flue cured tobaccos. Enjoy a perfect balance of exotic and familiar smoking sensations. No chemical flavorings added." ~$22lb.
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D&R's Ramback is a 100% Izmir Oriental tobacco blend (~$22 LB). Ramback Gold is a blend of Izmir Oriental and Virginia tobaccos (~$18 LB).

Jul '07: New Ramback Balkan reviews page.
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D&R's Perique Blends, Green River Acadian and St.James Parish. Kurt Wall says: St. James Parish Perique Blend...is fine-cut tobacco. As a blend, the dominant ingredient is one or more flue-cured gold leaf tobaccos, with a small amount of Saint James Parish Perique blended in...full and rich, not harsh and overpowering. ~$25LB
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D&R: ...flavored to taste like Premium U.S. manufactured cigarettes... The gold version was inspired by a European flavored Virginia blend [McClintock Virginia] and the platinum is inspired by the flavor of the leading USA manufactured cigarette [Marlboro]. $20-25LB.
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The manufacturer (D&R) says: Developed for the smoker who has acquired a taste for the European or Dutch style of extra fine cut, fire cured tobacco. ~$20LB.
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Three Sails

A mild all Virginia 'British' blend from D&R. Its similar to/somewhere between PS Danish Export and Windsail. Very fine cut. ~$19LB
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Two Timer

Tim Mc.: Two-Timer is an uniquely incredible 100%...air-cured Burleys...It has a ravishing, sweet, almost uncanny tobacco scent...Flavor is indeed a bit nutty, sweet, and rich...The cut is fine and long. D&R ~$19LB.
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A blend of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos from D&R. ~$19 LB.
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A nice mild 'American' blend of Virginia tobaccos from D&R. Its a relatively fine cut short shag with a taste that is quite similar to D&Rs Three Sails and more like PS Danish than the typical Burley 'American' blend (e.g. Stoker's). ~$19lb.
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D&R: "A traditional mentholated tobacco blend for the purist and connoisseur." ~$19LB
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D&R describes it as a combination of natural Wintergreen leaf oils and a blend of 100% Gold Leaf tobaccos. D. says: WAY better than menthol. ~$19LB
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