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A RYO Tobacco house brand. Their Auld Kendal is now called Sagamore Platinum and is their premium tobacco. Their standard Sagamore line is a good value and has included re-branded higher priced name brands (Halfzware/Chills Americana and Mild American/Brookfield).


A RYOTobacco.com house brand. This is looking like a pretty good tobacco for the price. My samples of Mild American, Canadian, and Halfzware were all pretty tasty.

  • Halfzware (discontinued)
  • Regular
  • Mild American (discontinued)
  • Light
  • Canadian
  • Natural
  • Clove
  • Virginia (new)
  • Menthol

See also: Auld Kendal (Sagamore Platinum).
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Sagamore Platinum

Oct '06: For some reason RYOT is now calling Auld Kendal, Sagamore Platinum.
Made in England (Gawith Hoggarth) with "time honored hand processing tradition". Clean, high quality, very fine-cut, tobaccos with high moisture content.

  • Golden
  • Medium
  • Dark
  • Georgia
  • Menthol
  • Vanilla
  • Black Cherry

The Georgia (now called Holborn) is a mild "golden blend" that's in the same vein as Sampson Milde and Bali Red (Golden Shag). The taste has a unique and interesting earthy quality (RYOT calls it winey). Available from RYOT. $30LB.
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