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Pictures, reviews and discussions about the various brands of tubes.


Non-filtered tubes made by St Vincent.
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Full flavor only, source unknown.
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ElRey.jpgThe ElRey's (like the Rizla, Premier, Escort and Rayo) are now made in Canada by RBA. They have 15mm filters and cork colored tips. The lights now have porous paper instead of filter perforations.

The German made ones (pictured) are/were a good, well made, tube. Along with the Rizla, these are the only tubes with full circumference glue (smoke is less likely to bypass the filter). The way they glue on the tipping paper results in barely noticeable rings on the filter (glue lines telegraphing through). The German made lights have laser cut perforations and a cork color tip. I cannot visually see a difference but the lights seem to be a bit lighter than the Silver Tip lights. Offset seams. ~$2.10 per 200
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The Escort was a CTC made light tube that used porous paper instead of a perforated filter. The difference between these and the CTC made Premier and Rayo light was that these had a cork colored tip instead of white.

These, like the Rizla, ElRey, Escort and Premier will be (are now being?) made in Canada by RBA (different machines/factory). They (will) have the same porous paper and 15mm filter design.
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Excel.jpgPlain tube, no filter. Tim Aydt: Made by CTC...cheap looking tubes, stamped right in the middle with the green Excel logo low ~$2.00 per 500.

Discontinued. See Athey.
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Gambler.jpgNice tubes. The lights are the same as Top (different logo) and just like the old/new Zig-Zag's. The lights have a white tip with gold bands and name/logo. Laser cut filter perforations and offset seams. Made in Austria. ~$2.00 per 200.

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Golden Harvest

Golden HarvestTheir full flavor, light (pictured) and menthol tubes are all available in both king and 100 size. They are made in the Philippines by St Vincent and distributed by Rouseco. The king size filters are 17mm long, the 100's 25mm. The king size lights have a high density filter and, aside from the firmness, are pretty indistinguishable from the 20mm Shargio king size lights. One thing I don't like is that the top of the box doesn't tear off easily/cleanly (St Vincent's "better boxes"). The problem of tight fitting tubes (see comments) seems to be limited to the 100's. The king size lights I've received over the last couple of years have been fine. Kings are ~1.50 per box at Tobacco General.
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McClintock.jpgFull and Light Flavor. Kurt Wall: These are full flavor tubes with a cork tip. The tube itself is plain, sporting a red McClintock logo at the cork tip end but no other adornment. ...offset seams...sturdy, middle-of-the-road tube ~$2.00 per 200.
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Premier_and_Escort.jpgPreviously made in Canada by CTC. With Imperial Tobacco's purchase of CTC the Premier tubes (along with Rizla, ElRey, Escort and Rayo) are being made in a new facility (still Canada) on different machines.
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The Ramback Prestige (FF) has a 20mm filter (current tube standard is 15-17mm) and the Ramback Elite (LF) has a 20mm high density filter. Made by St Vincent USA in the Philippines. Available from D&R.

Dec '07: Ramback Slim (80mm long, 6.5mm diameter and 20mm filter) tubes are now available from D&R.
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Rave TubesPosted by scott johnson on Thursday, 18-Jan-2007
Rave tubes: Made by St. Vincent. Exactly like their Zen tubes. Available in regular and lights. Full Flavor has a 17mm standard density filter. Lights have the 17mm high density filter.Come in a 250 count box. Available locally for $2.29. I like them!
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Rayo_and_Premier_Light.jpgBasically the same as the CTC Premiers. The lights have white tipping paper (and red band/logo VS the Premier blue) and CTC has a consistent problem with getting the white paper on smooth and wrinkle free. They also have a problem with the printing, I have yet to see a tube with a nice even coloring. I have tried one or the other of these brands a number of times and its not a fluke or bad batch. Single 2x seam and spot glued filter.

These, like the Rizla, ElRey, Escort and Premier will be (are now being?) made in Canada by RBA.
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Rizla.jpgThe standard (since Jan '07) Rizla tubes - full flavor, light and menthol - have cork colored tips, 15mm filters and are made in Canada (in the ElRey, Escort, Rayo and Premier facility) by RBA. The lights have porous paper (no filter perforations).

The De Luxe, Chlorine Free/Double Filter and Cigarette Size tubes (pictured) are made in Europe. The cigarette size is slightly smaller in diameter (7.8 VS 8.1mm), has a 22mm filter and comes in a cellophane wrapped box. While designed for the special Rizla hand-held injector, they will fit/work on other handhelds and on 'matics with slightly reduced nozzle diameters.
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ShargioTheir full flavor, light and menthol tubes are all available in both king and 100 size. Made in the US by Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc (Windy City Cigars is their retail side). The Kings have 20mm filters, the 100's 25mm. The king size lights (pictured) have a standard density 20mm filter, so the paper is likely porous (no filter perforations). The boxes have a glued down flap and an easy to tear off top. Kings are ~$1.40 per box at Tobacco General.
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Silver Tip Charbon

Gizeh_Charbon.jpgThe Charbon's are unique in that they have a slice of activated charcoal beads in the filter. The charcoal makes the smoke a bit smoother/milder and the price of the tubes noticeably higher. Cork color tip, classy logo, and offset seams. Made in France. ~$1.80 per 100.

May '05: The box I just received has single seam construction and charcoal granules occasionally make their way into my mouth.
Jan '08: While not a problem for some folks, I still get get charcoal granules in my mouth. The logo on all Gizeh tubes appears to have changed/standardized.
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Silver Tip Extra

Silver Tip ExtraThe new ('08) Gizeh Silver Tip Extra has a 25mm long filter, is made in France and has offset seams. Because of the longer filter, you will get the best results when using the Extra handheld, the new TOM or any 'matic with 59mm or shorter spoon (using some kind of opening reducer is also a good idea). If stuffing leaves a bit of a void, these are prone to crumpling because the tipping paper doesn't extend past the filter. My favorite premium tube since the Rizla Cigarette Size (NLA in the US).
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Silver Tip

Gizeh_Silver_Tip.jpgA nice, high quality, consistently well made tube. While this one of my favorite tubes I should mention that on rare occasions the tube slips off the Excel machine prematurely (I haven't noticed this with the Supermatic's). My guess is that the Excel has a harder time gripping the thinner paper. The lights have laser cut perforations. Cork color tip and offset seams. Made in France. ~$2.50 per 200.
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Sixty 1 and Maiker

Sixty-One and Maiker are made in the Philippines and imported by Nationwide Tobacco. There have been numerous reports of the tube diameter being too small.
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Smokers Gold

Smokers GoldSaint Vincent made tubes with 17mm filters (the Mild's have a denser filter, no perforations).
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Three Castles and Laramie

Two of the new St Vincent made (in the Philippines) tubes. The FF have relatively standard 17mm filters and the LF have slightly longer 20mm filters.
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Top.jpgSame as Gambler tubes. The only difference is the logo. The lights have laser cut filter perforations, white tips with gold bands, and gold name/logo. Some snug fitting tubes. Offset seams. ~$2.00 per 200.
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A Gizeh brand. Made in France
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Vera Cruz

Vera_Cruz_1.jpgThe Nocturne is a, unique and classy, brown full-flavored tube. The Nocturne was originally made by CTC. When St Vincent became the manufacturer, the Elegante, a 'light' (denser filter) white paper/cork tip version of the Vera Cruz was introduced. The Vera Cruz tubes, like the Ramback, have 20mm filters.

Dec '07: Vera Cruz Midnight, black tubes with 22mm filters, are now available from D&R.
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A full flavor tube with white tipping paper. I believe current stock is still made by CTC (will be St Vincent).

Dec '07: St Vincent made Windsail Elite (LT) tubes, white tip with blue and silver stripes, 20mm HD filter, are available from D&R.
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Zen.jpgAnother CTC manufactured tube. The lights are all white with with Zen logo/text and no rings or filter perforations (micro-perf paper).

July '06: Saint Vincent made Zen tubes with 17mm filters (LF have a denser filter, no perforations) are starting to replace the CTC made tubes.
Feb '07: Apparently the St Vincent made ones all have the ES (extra smooth) label and come with 250 tubes per box. The light 100's have a 25mm filter.
Apr '07: Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry and Peach flavored tubes are now available.
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Zig Zag

Zig_Zag.jpgOct '05: Apparently Zig-Zag is back to being manufactured by the same company that manufactures Top and Gambler. Zig-Zag changes manufacturers on a regular basis so its hard to know what you'll get. The lights were quite plan when CTC was making them. They have offset seams and the lights have filter perforations. Low ~$2.20 per 200.
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