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Golden Harvest

Golden HarvestTheir full flavor, light (pictured) and menthol tubes are all available in both king and 100 size. They are made in the Philippines by St Vincent and distributed by Rouseco. The king size filters are 17mm long, the 100's 25mm. The king size lights have a high density filter and, aside from the firmness, are pretty indistinguishable from the 20mm Shargio king size lights. One thing I don't like is that the top of the box doesn't tear off easily/cleanly (St Vincent's "better boxes"). The problem of tight fitting tubes (see comments) seems to be limited to the 100's. The king size lights I've received over the last couple of years have been fine. Kings are ~1.50 per box at Tobacco General.

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Re: Golden Harvest 100 lights
Posted by valencia reed on Saturday, 24-Jan-2015

I would like to say ,I like your tubes very much but the last 15 boxes I have bought ,they wont fit my machine and the store wont take them back. I don't want to go to different kind of tubes. how do I get my money back?

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Re: Golden Harvest 100 lights
Posted by Cc on Saturday, 31-Jan-2015

Please call the office at 888-372-8622. Ask for the operations manager and he can help


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Re:-Golden Harvest tubes 100mm cigarette fi
Posted by JEFF TADDEI on Thursday, 02-Aug-2012

Dear Sir's,    I am a disabled 50yr old gentelman and i have been using your tubes for quite some time and would swear by your product except recently i have had a "couple boxes" of tubes that have not been fitting the tube holder sleeve design on my machine(Premier Supermatic) First i feel you owe me replacements, I have not altered my roller at all. I wlll continue to use your product except im feeling a little taken with this batch of tubes My name is:             Jeffrey J Taddei I live at 48s 6th st Quakertown Pa 18951 and would expect too "At least" hear a reply and have replacements from you folks sent to me!! THANK YOU FOR ADDRESSING THIS MATTER!   


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Re: Re:-Golden Harvest tubes 100mm cigarette
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 31-Dec-2014

My daughter rolls my cigarettes for me, has been doing so for years now. She is also experiencing a problem with Golden Harvest tubes being too narrow to fit in injector. Not every box but lately more and more of them. For years there was no problem using these tubes with the same machine Powermatic 2.

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