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Silver Tip

Gizeh_Silver_Tip.jpgA nice, high quality, consistently well made tube. While this one of my favorite tubes I should mention that on rare occasions the tube slips off the Excel machine prematurely (I haven't noticed this with the Supermatic's). My guess is that the Excel has a harder time gripping the thinner paper. The lights have laser cut perforations. Cork color tip and offset seams. Made in France. ~$2.50 per 200.

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip
Posted by Rob S on Tuesday, 21-Aug-2007

The Gizeh Silver Tips I purchased just recently, do not have offset seams; have a dimple on the end of each one; and seem very poorly made. On a lot of them, the tipping paper is peeling back (where the corner of the tipping paper meets the tube paper) causing dogears, and overall, either the adhesive is inferior, or their method of application is.

I haven't smoked enough of them to comment on the taste, but so far, they don't seem to transfer the flavor of the tobacco as well as the new Rizla Plus, which I really like. Of course, I could be imagining that last point, but the construction of these tubes is enough that I won't buy them again.

For lights, I like the new El Ray.

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip
Posted by Dave L on Wednesday, 06-Feb-2008

You don't say which Silver Tips. The only Silver Tips I have seen with single seam construction are the Charbons. The last box of Charbons I got also had that flag of tipping paper on some of the tubes.

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip paper odor
Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 29-Mar-2006

I've been using Silver tip light-(now Silvertip airstream)for close to six months & being in the Northwoods I just cant put a fan in the window!!! Close but not just yet (March)Anyway I SMO silvertips with Ramback gold & Mc Clintock Virginia I have noticed an unsettling paper odor the last few weeks while walking back to my smoking area from other parts of the house. I wonder IF any others have compared the paper odor of tubes looking for the most neutral of brands. I recall years ago in the color full 70's 'club' papers sported a 'neutral' rice paper but in in that era we did'nt use for tobacco!

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip
Posted by Jo on Monday, 20-Feb-2006

I ordered the Charbon Silver tips because of the charcoal. I thought they would taste like Kents, but I couldn't taste any tobacco because the Charbons had a menthol or wintergreen taste to me. My friend uses them and can't taste the menthol or wintergreen, except occasionally. I guess we all have different tasters and that is why we have choices.

I still tasted that taste, but not as strong, in the regular Silvertips and the Airstream tubes.

I would think the thinner the paper, the better the taste over all would be, as long as they don't tear too easy. The Silvertips didn't tear easy for me.

I have settled with ElRey so far. The tubes let the taste of the tobacco come through.

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip
Posted by George on Monday, 08-Aug-2005

I am really surprised at all the positive reviews for these tubes. I bought 2 boxes with my recent sample pack order from D&R Tobacco (which by the way is great stuff so far) because of all the glowing reviews here.

I should point out that I am using an Excel machine, which it seems some have had trouble with regarding the use of certain tubes. I found that the Silver Tip Lights consistently tore off where the machine grabs the tubes when injecting them.

They also seemed to burn a bit faster than the Premier full flavor tubes I had been using up to that point. The paper felt thinner and flimsier than the Premiers as well.

They are a decent light tube, and the "lightness" is noticeable coming from a full flavor tube. I personally found that I didn't care for the taste from light tubes and have switched back to full flavors for the time being. This surprised me, as I was a Camel Lights smoker exclusivley until switching to MYO/SYO.

Perhaps I got a bad box or batch, but I was not impressed.

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip
Posted by Kev on Tuesday, 09-Aug-2005

No, you didn't get a bad batch. Silver Tips are easy to get "notched" on the Excel due to the paper being thin. Two ways to prevent - stuff slower or turn the tubes overlap glue marking towards the top of the Excel (let the Excel's clamp press down on the overlap). Rizla, Premier and Vera Cruz don't seem to have the problem on the Excel. Of course, the Vera Cruz is so thick I wouldn't expect any machine to rip these. I haven't noticed an unpleasant flavor from the tubes though.

I haven't decided if the notch is a fault of the Excel or the tubes. I sometimes get ripped/notched tubes on my Supermatic when stuffing Premier tubes. The Supermatic can be adjusted for a later/earlier release but it's easy to overcompensate for an earlier release and cause more problems with other tubes being understuffed.

The good thing, notched tubes still smoke! As you've noted, the Premier tubes do not have the same problem on an Excel. I've also noticed the Premier king size tubes don't seem to have the quality issues of the Premier 100s (tube diameter varies). I guess it's hard to have a $25 stuffing machine replicate the same consistency of an expensive, automated assembly line machine.

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip
Posted by Tim Aydt on Tuesday, 09-Aug-2005

I notch the tubes on my wife's cigarettes all the time. I don't think she even notices. It usually happens when I forget to switch from 100's to kings. Or, when there is tobacco in between the tube and tube holder.

It doesn't effect any aspect of the cigarette.

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip
Posted by George on Wednesday, 10-Aug-2005

Agreed, the notched part is usually gone in .003 seconds after lighting it up anyway, so no big deal. The tubes themselves seemed a bit flimsier than the Premier Full Flavors however.

As I mentioned they defintely work as a light tube - I could tell the difference right away when sampling the same blend from a Premier Full Flavor tube and a Silver Tip light.

This most likely applies to any light tube, but I found that the flavor is noticeably diminished with a light tube, and since my conversion to MYO I have come to appreciate the flavor of the tobacco and for now will be staying with full flavors tubes. The Premiers have been great so far, but I am sure I need to do some variety here soon to see if anything else out there further enhances the experience.

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip
Posted by Jennifer on Thursday, 28-Oct-2004

I usualy use the premier tubes. I have also been buying the gizeh mentho tips for the occasional menthol smoke. I was noticing how much better the gizeh tubes seem to fit on my supermatic 2 and how nicly it injected. At some point I think I will give the silver tips a try.

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Gizeh Silver Tip VS Escort
Posted by Rob on Sunday, 12-Sep-2004

Hi all! I've been making my own cigarettes since Y2K & I started with El Rey light tubes & comparing those & the ever popular Escort light (CTC's laser perforated paper) & started finding that the Escort is sure on the heavy side of the 'light' scale BUT I liked not having to suck on a filter till my ears popped so I stuck with the escort tubes.
After buying a case of escort I saw that the Silver tips went on sale at ($1.53 a box,case of 50!including shipping!) so what the heck! I bought a case of those too seeing the good reviews here & the good price of fairpriceRYO, after a week of comparing the two tubes I find the Silver Tips on the light side of the light scale and for sure take a bit of BITE from the tongue of some the the heavier and or harsh tobaccos & at the same time take a bit to much flavor (for me) of the light easy tobaccos like Stockkebye Danish/Bali red/Penhooker light/export 'a'.
I find each tube has its place as the dried out/crispy Andron Turkish export that I got from Ziggymart a year ago after a little humidification is tolerable and almost good in the Silver tip light tube and is harsh in the Escort.
The only thing about the Silver tip light I dont like is their MADE IN FRANCE!

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip VS Escort
Posted by Wazmo Nariz on Monday, 09-Oct-2006

I'm not sure what you mean with your "their {sic} MADE IN FRANCE!" comment (well, I think I do), but as far as the tubes go, I also found the Silver Tips to be worth a try for the light tube user.

The paper is, indeed, a tad thinner than most other lights out there and can be a bear to stuff if the humidity is too high (these things really go limp easily), but that's the only caveat I can think of. I bought a box at my local tobacconist/incense dealer and had to take them back since they reeked of patchouli, but the ones I received from D&R were fine. Little or no paper taste, no noticeable glue taste. In fact, I may have finally found a decent replacement for the old El Rey Lights (German-made) of which I would evangelicise!

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip
Posted by Kurt Wall on Saturday, 14-Aug-2004

The tubes are full flavor, king size tubes (also available in lights) with a cork color tip. The seams are offset, so you don't get a big lump in your lips. The stuff easily and, unlike Dave and Tim, I've had no trouble so far with them slipping off the machine (I'm only halfway through the box). The circumference seems a smidgen larger than the McClintock tubes I normally use, so they slip right on the nozzle on my Premier Supermatic. I couldn't tell if they have full circumference glue, so I sliced one open length-wise. There was only a single line of glue that ran the length of the filter between the filter and the filter wrapper, so I concluded they aren't glued the full circumference. That said, they are wrapped pretty tightly, so there isn't much gapping, as Tim noted.

Overall, these a good tube, and certainly better than the McClintock Full Flavor tubes I bought because they were cheap (at the time).

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip (Light)
Posted by Tim_Mc on Wednesday, 09-Jun-2004

I have been smoking the Silver Tip Lights and they are far and away the finest made tubes for my money. I don't think I will be smoking any other light tube in the future. They are very well made, with "light" written in script above the filter. They are just the right strenght of "light tubes" that I like... they basically mute the strong RYO tobacco that I smoke so that I can make any tobacco an everyday smoke.

I found them to be consistently well made. There is virtually no gaping between the filter paper and the filter at all. It really results in a more friendly clean and enjoyable smoke. Makes my cigarettes virtually indistinguishable in perfect appearance to a factory cig. But so much better in taste!

I did notice that on the rare occasion as mentioned above they will slip off the machine (as mentioned above) In a box of 200 it happened to me twice. Finely constructed, methinks.

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip (Light)
Posted by dave s on Friday, 23-Jul-2004

I agree.... Silver Tip Have become my regular tube, very well made for a quality looking smoke.Wold recoment to any one......

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip (Light)
Posted by Kev on Friday, 01-Apr-2005

I'm currently using Silver Tips and Charbons for the first time. Consistent quality tubes unlike the Premier and ZigZag tubes I've been fighting for the past year. I really can't tell a difference between the Charbon and Silver Tips. Buying Silver Tips as part of a refill kit or in bulk will be my choice in the future. Plus, I don't have to throw away 10 tubes out of every carton due to quality problems.

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Gizeh Silver Tip (Light) NEW PACKAGING
Posted by Rob on Thursday, 21-Jul-2005

DONT PANIC Silvertip light customers when you get your next order if the regular red & white package is not seen!---just new packagaing from Gizeh---its the same tube in a silver & white package with no light designation on it,just the 'airstream' logo, I've compared the two & I cant tell which is which. Enjoy

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Re: Gizeh Silver Tip (Light) NEW PACKAGING
Posted by Kev on Friday, 29-Jul-2005

To make things more interesting, the Silvertip regulars are now in the red and white packaging that is similar to the old light packaging.

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