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Top.jpgSame as Gambler tubes. The only difference is the logo. The lights have laser cut filter perforations, white tips with gold bands, and gold name/logo. Some snug fitting tubes. Offset seams. ~$2.00 per 200.

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Posted by Juan on Friday, 11-Mar-2005

Disappointed with TOP LIGHT tubes. I used the TOP regular (full flavor) tubes and was pleased with the quality, however, they tended to be a bit on the strong side for my taste so I decided to try their LIGHTS. I thought that they would be perfect, a quality tube and in a light. Was I ever disappointed. The quality is good, however, the holes in the filter are clearly visible unlike those on a manufactured cigarette. Actually, the holes in the filter are so big that they almost create a continuous band or cut around the filter. The result of such big and continuous holes around the filter is a cigarette which is nearly impossible to smoke, you have to double or triple draw the cigarette to get any smoke. I put scotch tape over the holes and that did help to get a draw on the cigarette. Unfortunately I still have some 10 cartons of these worthless tubes to use. I am not going to tape 10 cartons of tubes. I'm debating on whether to throw them out or save them for an emergency. I do not recommend TOP LIGHT tubes, you cannot draw on these tubes, you will draw nearly all air. TOP LIGHT tubes are even LIGHTER than manufactured ultra lights. If you want a light tube, I strongly suggest you look at other brands.

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Posted by Dave L on Saturday, 12-Mar-2005

The biggest and most common problem with stuffing your own is using too much tobacco. With perforated light tubes its easy to tell when you are using too much tobacco because they will be hard to smoke. High moisture tobacco needs more oxygen to burn and will also be hard to smoke. Very-fine cut tobacco is easy to over-pack. The same factors that cause machine jambs and inconsistent/poorly made cigarettes (e.g. filter end voids) make a perforated light cigarette hard to smoke.

...Do they look like this? It seems like there's been a lot of inconsistencies in tubes lately.

While inconsistencies may void the suggestion, always try tobacco and tubes in the smallest quantity available before buying in bulk.

You may be happier with CTC manufactured lights (porous paper, no filter perforations) or Gizeh Charbons.

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Posted by John R. Marshall on Monday, 21-Feb-2005

I agree they look to be the same as the Gambler tubes. But the main difference seems to be the Top's cost $2.95/200 vrs the Gamblers at $1.65/200 at the local smokeshop.

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