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Silver Tip Extra

Silver Tip ExtraNew ('08) handheld injector for stuffing the new ('08) Silver Tip Extra tubes. The Silver Tip Extra tubes have a 25mm long filter and cannot hold as much tobacco as a standard tube. Using a standard handheld will result in torn tubes and/or lots of tobacco hanging from the tip of the finished smoke. The Silver Tip Extra injector, with its shorter spoon and tobacco chamber, was designed specifically for the Silver Tip Extra tubes.

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Gizeh Silver Tip Extra Hand Held Injector
Posted by Captain U-96 aka Mike on Monday, 11-Feb-2008

Not being a fan of Hand Held injectors, because of experiences long ago, I find myself in a precarious position. First, because of my good experiences with D&R's Ramback Ultra Slim 6.5mm Hand Held, and now the Gizeh Silver Tip Extra! Learning curve aside, I was able to make great smokes out of the box and through the directions. I'd never have dreamed I'd wrap my hand around a HH that would make a perfect smoke off the injector! That's right! Loading the tobacco filling both ends first, and then the middle I was able to produce sticks that need no tamping, or trimming! And the sticks consistently draw smooth. This machine is even great for the Laramie Short 68mm tubes! Perfect pack and draw with these as well. A mistake I initially made was applying too much pressure, which caused the STE tubes to rip about 1/4th inch from the end. Simply using less pressure fixed that problem.
   The Silver Tip Extra machine is made in Germany, and is a sturdy piece of quality craftsmanship, and quite refreshing using a tool not made in The People's Republic of CHINA! As I said, I haven't been a hand held fan for years; for the last ten years to be exact, but these new machines have changed my opinion in the positive! In fact, I'd call the Gizeh STE, and the D&R 6.5 hh High Quality Tools! I will be using the Gizeh enough to keep it close at hand, and the Gizeh tubes are top notch as well, no matter what tobacco I used. Capt Mike

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Re: Gizeh SilverTip Extra Injection System
Posted by Captain U-96 aka Mike on Friday, 15-Feb-2008

I continue to be amazed by this little machine! It will handle all but the highest moisture content tobaccos. I also learned that using the tamper included with my D&R 6.5 mm Ultra Slim Injector makes for an even better smoke. By filling the corners first, then the middle, and feeling the difference in the pack on the ends-then the middle, and adding tobacco where necessary and tamping it makes for a slower burning better smoke. It may sound a bit much to go through, but when you are after perfection rather than production; the added attention makes for a greater payoff in the perfect smoke right off the machine!
The SilverTip Extra Tubes are among the best I have ever smoked! It's been my experience that the longer the filter--the more degraded the flavor; which those of you who remember my rants when they discontinued the Vera Cruz Nocturne and it was re-born with a 20mm filter that to me diminished the flavor of my tobaccos!
      The SilverTip Extra tubes seem to enhance the flavor and filter out the undesirable elements of the smoke, no matter the tobacco! Surprisingly, all but one extended filter tube I've tried so far has the afore mentioned quality's. To conclude, I will be keeping SilverTip Extra tubes on hand from now on! The Gizeh SilverTip system is the best over-all I have tried yet, because of its precision injector and high quality tubes and filters, which I feel are a need to have for any inspiring Connoisseur of fine tobaccos! Capt Mike

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Re: Gizeh SilverTip Extra Injection System
Posted by joey on Friday, 29-Feb-2008

ive had one of these machines for going on 9 years now. mine is just a 'gereric' GIZEH brand one though. i can pack it by hand now and make a perfect cigarette without even looking. best machine ever. i run american spirit through it, but it will handle just about anything except super dry powderized stuff that you dont want to smoke anyway.

i was just looking around to see how much it's going to cost me if it ever breaks, or if they were even available.

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Re: Gizeh SilverTip Extra Injection System
Posted by Dash on Friday, 29-Feb-2008

I got one of these and threw my three premier II machines, one Excel and one Royale-piece-a-crap-amatic away. I'm a happy man now. I'm not the least bit interested in a Magnum.

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Re: Gizeh SilverTip Extra Injection System
Posted by mike c on Friday, 29-Feb-2008

highly interesting-
just goes to show the variety in what people prefer
so here is some like minded thinking along with Dano (who isn't timid to speak his preference of a simple machine)
anyway, Gizeh machines should be easy enough and first on the mind is good 'ol DnR, as I know they hold Gizeh in quite a positive light....I feel certain that the old regular design will still be made under whatever title

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