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Non-filtered tubes made by St Vincent.

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Athey Tubes
Posted by Mike T. on Friday, 14-Sep-2007

I am 19 Years old and looking for a place which I can purchase these tubes. I can not obtain them locally. I have tried,, and D&R, however I could not order from them as I am not 21. I was really disappointed about D&R, I added about $100 of items before I clicked checkout and was told I had to be 21. If anyone could point me towards a reputable online retailer who carries Athey tubes I would appreciate it.

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Re: Athey Tubes
Posted by Dan S on Saturday, 15-Sep-2007

Just lie and say your 21

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Posted by platoslostdialogue on Tuesday, 21-Nov-2006

Does anyone know if you can inject the Athey tubes on an Excel without modifying it?

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Re: Athey
Posted by Dan S on Monday, 27-Nov-2006

They do work on my Excel, but not perfectly.
I usually get some space at one end or the other.
I just snip off the excess paper.
I only smoke non filters once in a while so it isn't that big a deal for me.

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Posted by Wood on Thursday, 19-Oct-2006

Athey non filter tubes are a classy addition the SYO venue.
Adjust your Top O Matic to the 100's setting,and the result is a perfect non filtered smoke.
Beautiful logo,easy loading,and a nice draw. Leave it to D&R
to provide for any RYO preference.

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Athey non-filtered tubes
Posted by Warren on Friday, 06-Oct-2006

I just tried new Athey non-filtered tubes from D&R. The box contains 400 tubes (Excell has 500). The tubes are 76mm long, while Excel are 70mm, hence a machine well tuned for Excel doesn't fill Athey completely. Athey tubes are slightly narrower than Excel (about 0.2 mm narrower). The tubes have much classier look than the Spartan styled Excels, with double golden ring at the place where filter would end followed by "Athey" written in an old-fashioned golden script. Very pretty.

Even though Athey tubes are slightly narrower, they mount easier onto the nozzle due to greater stiffness of the paper. The Athey paper is thicker, less transparent to light than Excel paper. I would imagine they would tear less than Excel (although I didn't make enough to expect any tears even with Excels).

On the down-side, the Athey's thicker paper also means more paper smoke and this can be felt when smoking alternately with Excel. I suppose, if one were to smoke only Atheys for a while, one could get used and not notice it as much. On half a dozen sticks I made of each from the same handful of NAS tobacco and smoked for comparison alternating drags from the two kinds, the Athey tubes consistently produced harsher and harder to draw smoke. I think the paper needs to be refined. Certainly, a thinner paper would help to reduce the paper smoke flavor. I am not sure though whether the additional paper thickness is the sole source of the extra harshness. Maybe a different kind of paper altogether is needed.

I hope D&R and Saint Vincent folks are listening and will consider improving this aspect in the future versions of the tubes. Should they use thinner paper in the future, they need to increase the tube diameter, at least to match the Excel (or even slightly larger), otherwise the mounting will become more difficult.

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Re: Athey non-filtered tubes
Posted by Captain U-96 aka Mike on Sunday, 31-Dec-2006

Warren, I've made the same observations, and as a result reach for my Excel tubes (what's left of them) when I want a straight smoke. Another problem I have with Athey tubes is that they seem to have been ironed flat! I have had many PITA's working with these tubes due to this malady. Even using a scribe to open up these tubes isn't easy sometimes! One thing I know is that these tubes are made, as all tubes, in large lots. If a correction was made today, we probably wouldn't have it in our hands for a year till the warehouses are cleared out! So for me at least, keeping all those packs of papers that came with the caned tobaccos I've bought over the years comes in handy, since I have several hand rollers, and even a rollbox. Mike

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Re: Non-filtered Tubes
Posted by dan on Friday, 29-Sep-2006

D&R has a new non-filtered tube called "Athey". I got a free box from D&R with my last order. Small box, 400 tubes,76mm. Seems to bo a good non-filter tube , smokes nice. But I never used Excel tubes, so I'm not a good judge. Box has D&R logo on bottm. Manufatured though Saint Vicent.

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D&R Athey Non-filtered Tubes?
Posted by Warren on Saturday, 30-Sep-2006

I can't find Athey non-filtered tubes on D&R web site. How would one order a box these?

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Re: D&R Athey Non-filtered Tubes?
Posted by Dominick Versetto on Saturday, 30-Sep-2006

Go here: [link]

Click "Regular Length (70mm), 200 Tubes/Box"

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Re: D&R Athey Non-filtered Tubes?
Posted by Warren on Saturday, 30-Sep-2006

Thanks for the link. I am not sure why I didn't find it earlier (that site could surely use some organizing, see earlier discussion: [link] ).I already ordered some of their tobacco right before you posted the link, and added a text note to the order asking them to add a box of Athey non-filtered tubes, hopefully it will get processed correctly.

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