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Smokers Gold

Smokers GoldSaint Vincent made tubes with 17mm filters (the Mild's have a denser filter, no perforations).

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Re: Smokers Gold
Posted by vince on Saturday, 30-Sep-2006

I brought both smokers gold full and mild. smokers gold full seem to be less dense compare to premier full. the smokers gold mild is longer filter(20 mm)and is more dense.

I get some activated carbon at the fish store. grind it up with a coffee grinder. use a mesh to get rid of the powder. add about 5 mm of carbon to the tubes. Cut the another filter in half, rip out the paper, stuff the half filter on top of the carbon, now i got a tube with a 35mm filter.

I use Grandad's organic tobacco with the smokers gold mild-35mm-activated carbon. the organic tobacco last alot longer, about 2 to 3 time longer compare to other pre-cut tobacco. so this make up for the longer filter. I added a little of sugar water to the organic tobacco, I like the taste. I really love the taste of my cigarette!!

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Re: Smokers Gold
Posted by Dave L on Monday, 02-Oct-2006

The Smokers Gold mild's I got have filters that are a bit under 16mm, noticeably shorter than my old Premier lights with their 17mm filters. While they are not quite as light as the Premiers, they are a bit lighter than the Rizla 'cigarette size' (22mm filters). They seem to be a pretty well made tube.

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