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Rayo_and_Premier_Light.jpgBasically the same as the CTC Premiers. The lights have white tipping paper (and red band/logo VS the Premier blue) and CTC has a consistent problem with getting the white paper on smooth and wrinkle free. They also have a problem with the printing, I have yet to see a tube with a nice even coloring. I have tried one or the other of these brands a number of times and its not a fluke or bad batch. Single 2x seam and spot glued filter.

These, like the Rizla, ElRey, Escort and Premier will be (are now being?) made in Canada by RBA.

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Posted by Margo on Sunday, 19-Nov-2006

Does anyone happen to know the Email address or the company that distributes Rayo tubes in Canada? I have bought a box that are not glued properly, and I don't want to just return them to the store. Any help you can give me would be most appreciated.
Thank You

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Re: Rayo
Posted by Don on Friday, 15-Jun-2012

I am experiencing the same problem dude, perhaps that's Y they are discontinued.

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Re: Rayo
Posted by Dan on Saturday, 11-Feb-2006

I ran out of my usual Rizla tubes, so I boought a box of Rayos at a local store, and they are the worst tubes I've tried so far.Quite a few of them wern't even glure together at all.Luckily I took a longer ride to a store with more selection, and they had the Rizlas for $1.29 a box, I bought them all.

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Re: Rayo
Posted by kristi on Monday, 07-Aug-2006

The Rayo Light tubes have so far, been my favorite. I use a menthol tobacco in them. These are the best tubes I've tried so far. I cannot detect any defects, and they are consistent from box to box (of 200).

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Re: Rayo
Posted by none on Wednesday, 14-Mar-2007

Ordered 2 boxes of Rayo full flavor because the Gambler tubes i have been using dont fit on the supermatic anymore.

Have to say im pleasently surprised. No harsh paperbag flavor like on Premier tubes, just flavor of the tobacco

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