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A Gizeh brand. Made in France

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Twister Tubes
Posted by Kev on Tuesday, 24-May-2005

I bought a few boxes of Twisters due to their low price. Made in France for a German company. I assume the company is Twister since it gives a German address but doesn't list any other company name. King size, brown filter, white ringed tube and they were only available in regular though I usually smoke lights. Nice construction with the backwards "S" logo so I thought they'd be similar to Gizeh tubes. The tubes are consistent in quality/diameter and fit nicely on my Excel.

As the tube burned down, I noticed the filter was getting squishy. The brown filter is approximately 1" but the inner filter material is only 5/8". Though the material fills the tube diameter, the diameter shrinks as the tube burns. Needless to say the filter gets rather hot even though I stuffed the tube with some S.J. Rimboche. An inexpensive tube but I think I'll stick with something else.

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Re: Twister Tubes
Posted by Dave L on Wednesday, 25-May-2005

Twister is a Gizeh brand. Gizeh is a German company and most (all?) of their tubes are made in France. Most filters are ~5/8" long. The Rizla 'cigarette size' tubes, with ~7/8" filters, are the only exception I know of.

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Re: Twister Tubes
Posted by Kev on Wednesday, 25-May-2005

Yes, I noticed last night that others are 5/8" long. I guess I've never looked at the inner filter length until trying to understand why the filter material shrunk. Gizeh Charbons and Silver Tips are nice tubes, these aren't in the same class.   

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Re: Twister Tubes
Posted by andrew on Saturday, 22-Apr-2006

I ordered a couple boxes of Twister. The filter is too short compared to what im used to, making the tobacco stronger. I think the Premier tubes are better.

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Re: Twister Tubes
Posted by scott johnson on Saturday, 10-Mar-2007

I got a box of these with my last order from American Thrust. Not bad. They don't seem to inject well with moist tobaccos. Dryer stuff (60-65% RH) seems to do OK but I normally like my stuff between 70 - 80%. I'll use these up, but doubt I will order them again.


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