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D&R's Seven New Blends

Posted on Wednesday, 16-May-2007
I asked Mark about his new blends and received the following (reformatted).

We currently have seven blends on the table that have been under development for over a year and are being released over the coming year. Our first available release is ramback balkan.

Ramback Balkan ( reviews )
The backbone of this blend is premium balkan orientals and balkan virginias, with high quality turkish orientals (yenidje and basma (not greek)), and some american virginias. Nothing like it on the market and an exceptional blend for those who like this style.

Rowland Gold and Rowland Platinum ( reviews )
The brand name rowland implies our american (flavored) style blend. The gold version was inspired by a european flavored virginia blend and the platinum is inspired by the flavor of the leading usa manufactured cigarette. Although i do not usually seek to "copy" a blend, customer requests led us to develop our interpretation of these popular products. They should be released by early june.

Cajun Black Rimboche'
Cajun black is a dark fired tobacco that has been processed in the perique method. Dark fired tobacco is familiar in some dutch blends and smells like latikia (smokey like a fireplace). We are still blending and experimenting with different combinations that work best with the dark fired variety so not yet sure on the final blend. We plan to release the c.b. rimboche' in early august.
Dec 07: The new name is Acadian Black Rimboche'. See: Re: Cajun Black not added

The last three blends are the "organically" grown blends that will be released later next year. I have been working on the organic concept for over a year and have been sourcing the required leaf to make a decent product. The windsail version (typo on the new bag) will be a virginia blend, the vengeur blend will include burley and oriental tobaccos, and the rowland blend will include organic flavorings. Extra time will also be required on the organic project to get certified.

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Re: D&R's seven new blends
Posted by Kizer Sosa on Thursday, 17-May-2007

Funny... speaking of Rowland...

Took a trip out of town last weekend and, unwilling to stuff enough to last the two days, decided to buy premades.

Bought the old standby, Marlboro Lights. First time I smoked 'em in about six months.

Lit the first one up, and whaddya think I taste? CHOCOLATE!

Yep, noticed the cocoa taste right off the bat, and it immediately reminded me of Rowland. Almost exact, actually, albeit very much more subdued.

So I can finally understand why D&R implies that Rowland is their "american" cigarette blend.

To tell the truth, if D&R wouldn't be so heavy-handed with the topping, they might have an exact match. (and a new customer).

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Re: D&R's seven new blends
Posted by scott johnson on Wednesday, 16-May-2007

"Cajun Black Rimboche"!


sounds good!

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