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Newport Red 100s

Posted by Melody Smith on Friday, 06-Mar-2020

I've been making my own cigarette for a few years now, the amount of money I save is insane. But the boyfriend hates my cigarettes and is constantly buying Newport red 100. I am in search of trying to find tobacco brand that I can buy to make cigarettes as close to that. I've been making them long enough to know that it's easier to make shorts than it is 100s so I'm not concerned about It's The Taste I'm concerned about any suggestions?
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Marlboro Ultra Lights

Posted by Jacob on Sunday, 23-Aug-2015

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to find the right combo of tubes and tobacco to match a Marlboro Ultra Light. Any suggestions?
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Can't get a decent cig

Posted by David on Thursday, 19-Sep-2013

I Started to stuff my own cigs about a month ago on an attempt to save money, and so far that's actually worked for me. My problem is actually getting a decent cig. I found wintergold tobacco which i really like the taste of, but I'm using gambler 100's with their slide machine. I already know that the slide machine sucks, i hate it with a passion and plan on getting a crank machine by top, cant remember the actual name for it at the moment. The main issue is actually getting a packed cig. so far they are all loose and constantly have the cherry fall off. i just actually finished a cig that only took me three hits before i was down to the filter... (most of them are usually better that that one.)

What I want to know is if I should grind or cut the tobacco with scissors at all before stuffing and what brand of tubes would work best for me. Please help =(
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cigarette like rolling

Posted by subi on Monday, 19-Nov-2012

I'm newbie on rollin my own. So what is a good cheap roller that rolls exactly like cigarettes.
Is this [link] a good rolling paper and filter for cigarettes.

And honestly there is so much stuff on this forum FUCK I'm so confused and frustrated right now.

I dont get what tubes are.:S

My definition of filter is the end part of cigarette, the spongy part.

So please i just want a good cheap roller and what kind of paper/tubes/filter i need to roll Class A cigarettes?
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New RYO Forum-Rollyourownresource

Posted by CTsmoker on Sunday, 03-Jul-2011

Rollyourownresource[link] is a new site that has been developed by a former moderator(DougE) of RYO Revolution and BaccyTown. If you're looking for a place to discuss and/or learn RYO, come join our community!

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How Many?

Posted by Dave L on Tuesday, 18-Dec-2007
AllTALL asked: How many packs, or cigarettes, do you usually get out of a 14oz bag of Windsail?

Its been asked a few times so here are some links (I've never counted):
1oz = 25-30 sticks [link]
1oz = 30 +/- sticks, 6oz = 8-9 packs [link]
14oz = 2+ cartons [link]
14oz = 421 sticks [link]
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Just Started and Curious

Posted by Mike B on Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007
Ok, so although I'm 31 and have been a smoker for 13 years, I never even heard of MYO until this past weekend. I bought a TOP Handheld, some Top premium tubes, and a couple 6oz tins of bugler. I think I'm doing something wrong, though. When I made my first few screwed up smokes, they were actually some of the best sticks I've ever had. However, now that I'm getting the hand of it, my creations taste like almost nothing. I'm getting the tubes full and packed but the draw is ridiculously difficult and It feels like smoking a pre-packaged ultra-lite. Only every now and then, I get the true full flavor effect.

However, I have been an internet hound reading all I can because this is something I know I'm going to enjoy for many years.

Any suggestions on tobacco/tubes to get a better full flavor experience?
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Posted by Jerry on Tuesday, 20-Nov-2007
ok guys i have the top-o-matic using zig-zag tubes (Brand New Machine)it seems that every other one slips off the injector and only puts half of the tobacco in it,Out of A carton I waste 2 packs,could it be that as your rolling the tobacco dries up and get powdery   
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Posted by mike c on Friday, 09-Nov-2007
sitting here smoking a stick my friend made, and noticing it is overpacked
Dave had a mention of this on the forum, don't know if it remains, at any rate I am thinking this may be a more common accident than I realised, since I've been guilty for a while now
be careful
be VERY VERY careful
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Stuffing, my advice

Posted by death1 on Friday, 07-Sep-2007
I finally figured out how to stuff. Put some tobacco in and try and close it. Any resistance enough to move the machine or using 2 hands and its too tight... too tight, remove some using something plastic from the packed side of the machine, till it closes easy. I've been packing them way to tight thinking that I was going easy. Closes to easly... less than a little bump and tobacco falls out easily. I got the hang. Hope this helps. Only took me 12 cartons to figure this out. I'm hard headed meaning, if you can't hit me on the head with it, it doesn't exist.
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U.K. experiences

Posted by Tom Suttie on Tuesday, 14-Aug-2007
    I currently smoke Amber Leaf tobacco, using a El Rey HH injector.
I realise that both the injector and the tobacco may not be familiar to U.S. smokers, especially the tobacco (I am resident in the U.K)

    I seem to have accidentally found the perfect match with the slightly moist tobacco and the El Rey injector. I think that the El Rey is already obtainable in the U.S, but Amber Leaf tobacco not so.
This tobacco is made by Richard Lloyd & Sons which is now part of Imperial Tobacco, who have now taken them over along with Efka, the German makers of the El Rey injector. So hopefully, both the tobacco and injector will soon be available to the U.S. market.

    Amber Leaf is available in the U.K. in 12.5g cigarette size packet, with 50 papers for anyone who wishes to roll - also in 25 and 50g pouches, also with 50 papers for rolling.

    I find the combination a very smooth and mild smoke, and using concept tubes which are not supposed to be used with this machine. U.S users with a taste for stronger tobacco may find Amber Leaf a bit bland, but I cough much less than I used to!
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Quazi Speed test - how long to make a pack

Posted by David Brown on Monday, 09-Jul-2007
I did a short video today to test out Adobe OnLocation CS3 and thought I would do a video showing my excel and I making 20 smokes.

I was amazed I did it under 7 min really not hurrying and after hearing some arguments that MYO isnt worth the time or effort this video should refute that :)

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McClintock Challenge

Posted by Matt on Monday, 25-Jun-2007

Bought 4 packs of Rollit papers and a can of McClintock FF. Gonna see if I can get the suggested 400 cigarette yield as advertised on the can.

I've been rolling my cigarettes at a 2/3 diameter of a regular smoke and I'm optimistic that I'll be able to get to 400 and more. Only about 3 packs into it and they haven't caused much damage with about an inch or so of a dent in the can.

The claim of "Makes 400 Cigarettes" is accompanied by a picture of couple of filtered smokes. Have any of you been able to stuff 2 cartons from a can of McClintock?
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The tighter the stick.........

Posted by Smokin n Jokin on Wednesday, 20-Jun-2007
The harsher the smoke. Anybody else agree? While sinning my way through a package of the new Camel signature series infusion I noticed that they are packed very light. I don't remember any other premades being packed that loose. Anyhoo...I discovered that I have been packing my sticks way too tight. I should have suspected something when I only got about 14 or 15 sticks out of an ounce of tobacco. I stuffed a stick a lot looser than I usually do in a Vera Cruz elegante tube. When I smoked it it seemed smoother and mellower than usual. I allowed that it might have been because of the tube, I don't use them very often because of the cost. I stuffed one in a regular FF Rizla tube and got the same results, so I decided I've been packing the tobacco too tight. I think this has also caused a lot of my other problems, like the time it takes to make a stick, too much time spent cramming the tobacco in the chamber, and filter voids, the tobacco is packed so tight it can't get through the nozzle.
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How long does it take you to make a pack?

Posted by Matt on Monday, 26-Feb-2007

So I timed myself making 20 cigarettes twice. The first time I made a leisurely pack while listening to an audiobook on the headphones. It was 8:29. The next 20 I made a slight effort to go a little faster and wound up with 5:53. I'm pretty sure I calculated correctly for an avg. of 7:11. Keep in mind I was at a leisurely pace for both of these packs since I find no need to hurry. I guess that's why I've kept with rolling is that it's a leisurely thing to do & is fun if you make it fun. Back to the subject though, how long does it usually take to make a pack for you guys? I could imagine it being done in 3:00 or less if one tried.
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