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For discussions that have little or nothing to do with making your own custom made cigarettes (MYOCMC :-).

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Posted by ashphault cowboy on Tuesday, 12-Jun-2018

Found a can of jester halfzware in GA. (said it had been on the shelf a long time) Does anyone know a reliable source to get gauloises?? Also, is samson becoming no longer available?
thnx 5
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Parker and simpson premier

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 03-Feb-2018

Hello all, I am new to rolling. My wife found a tobacco she likes called "premier" by Parker and Simpson. She paid $14.99 for 3oz and that seems high. Does anyone know of a place online that I can get a better deal? I'm assuming buying by the pound is a better op tipi on
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tubes - in Canada

Posted by tannis on Friday, 03-May-2013

They have stopped making Number Seven tubes in Canada - wondering if there is something similar that somone might know
about ?- they gave a very smooth smoke ...
the paper was thinner, so that you didn't have any after
effects as one can get from thicker paper ones
(mouth gets dry ,get aftertaste etc..)

Tried Players medium tubes but theyr'e not good, not for me
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Tobacco Flavor

Posted by KDR on Wednesday, 07-Sep-2011

Does anyone have a recommendation on what tobacco will taste the closest to Virginia Slims Menthol Gold (the old Lights)? I am new to this and don't know where to begin. I have been smoking this brand for 25 years and don't want to vary to far from that flavor and strength.

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Posted by TOECUTTER on Friday, 28-Dec-2007
                                                       DAVE Z
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food for thought/happy winter solstice

Posted by mike c on Monday, 24-Dec-2007
my friend Paul, husband of friend Robin and owner of the newest model of the Topomatic, who has it because of me and ultimately because of Dave Lers, says:.....he has bought his wife a car with the money he has saved...
I think it was just a couple grand but they're no dummies and that car is SWEET
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Happy Christmas, etc.

Posted by Wazmo Nariz on Monday, 24-Dec-2007
I'll refrain from running down a list of all the usual year-end holidays so that I can concentrate on saying what a pleasure it's been to have this forum around the past few years.... Here's hoping it'll be around a good lot more in future.

Happy holidays to each and all, newcomers and old salts alike. Smoke 'em if ye got 'em.
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New Yahoo Group

Posted by Mike B on Sunday, 16-Dec-2007
Ok, I'm brand new but I made a new Yahoo group hoping to get some more exposure to this hobby. Nothing will replace this one of a kind site, I just wanted to maybe add to it.

I've included my email on this post if anyone is interested in joining, let me know. I will send an invite.
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Re: making a McClintock Red to McC light ?

Posted by mike c on Monday, 03-Dec-2007
the YUGO
I will never forget my upstairs neighbor back in the mid 80's (who at one point had to run a cord down to my electric to keep his fridge going) got one, and getting a ride to get a 12 pack
it didn't fit
how I got it home I'll never know!!!!
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Re: JetLite Lighter

Posted by mike c on Wednesday, 28-Nov-2007
doing my occasional roam of eBay, I see the Ronson jet-blue lighters are now being specifically offered in with the goods there
wonder if Kerry influenced this
hey wait.......maybe it _is_ Kerry lol
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for capt. mike

Posted by mike c on Wednesday, 07-Nov-2007
dear Mike-
just want to make sure you didn't think I forgot your own contribution to my learning machines when I first started and was terrified
I have now become a master of the pinkie use, which you cast a spotlight on, and have finally after all this time mastered using my bad pinkie hand as well (with no feeling in that finger)....amen
It's just that on-forum, Kerry was THE ONE AND ONLY, IMO, who was able to properly word and translate the teaching of machine use.
no-one else came anywhere even slightly close to wording it right, IMHO
I think many of those people are no longer active anyway, again no offense, but if you are new, and need advice, I'd ask Kerry---nicely, of course.
and FTR, Mike is a VERY nice man....period, even if he disappears building ships, ot whatnot....if you have an older Top, any problems there, he's your guy (or certainly as versed as anyone)
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Electronic Digital Calipers

Posted by Dash on Tuesday, 06-Nov-2007
Got me a pair today, now if I could just find a picture of a commercial cigarette making machine.
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magnum injector/Freddie

Posted by mike c on Sunday, 04-Nov-2007
just want to say I find you very interesting and obviously extremely talented
I am fascinated reading your comments
I have to say personally I rather want the Magnum to be as you say it is, though as I said before I hope it's not too bad since a lot of people want to switch to that
I will miss your input
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magnum injector

Posted by mike c on Friday, 02-Nov-2007
looks like valuable posts guys
I just took to the cranks so readily the magnum didn't phase me
that machine appears only to eliminate the arm-to-crank part, and I honestly think I would miss that
I can just see myself sitting here with the magnum doing that (or me not doing that) and feeling silly...also, being electric it's one more thing to just die when you don't want it to die
I don't know why....and I've just had this "sense" that the supermatic is a helluva creation that isn't ready to be so easily trumped
here's hoping the magnum is fairly decent though for those who truly need it
further, just guessing, but I think DL was a bit interested (is) and since magnum was posting here, didn't want to detract it before a hands on
---guess Mr L is busy tonight, etc
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mike c

Posted by cheap chippy chopper on Wednesday, 31-Oct-2007
dear Heidi/CCC/mysterious "D";, whatever you really are
my post to you got more than snipped it got hacked as I courageously put an OT chat post where it didn't belong, as well as it was smart-ass and could've been misperceived
no one is likely more glad to see you than me
mike c
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A fresher choice

Posted by mike c on Saturday, 27-Oct-2007
I have about the most negative attitude of anyone, and I just realised my violent tendency has been under control for too long
I would like to offer my services CHEAP in the most violent destruction of somebody's FC machine they could ever imagine.....I was thinking maybe a YOUTUBE VID......if you'd maybe prefer to see it brought down to liquid by more than just me, I've just found out I still have a friend I thought I'd lost from the forum I bet would like in on this too
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cigarettes cheaper mystery

Posted by mike c on Thursday, 18-Oct-2007
I hope this may be slightly worthy "chat" considering what many of us have stormed with the FC (brown machine thang) combobulation, the rep bombardment, and ultimately the final verdicts.......
there are now listings of a few cigarettes cheaper outlets in my locale, but only a few show through operator inquiry...at any rate, there is the one on Gus Thomasson rd, Dallas, that I drove past, and it's open.......
it seems that NONE of the phone numbers are valid......hmmmm
and there are several listings on this one with a non-working #
I wanted to subject them to not 20, but the MC 120 questions......
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Re: Different kind of future...(moved agin)

Posted by mike c on Tuesday, 16-Oct-2007
re Kerry's parent post
you know who responded to you.......
I just had an excellent transmission myself....I put my Supermatic in for a grooming and shampooing, and I was informed it's coming back bionic with perfume and ribbons.....and that's not all......
TIP: you can't beat the Arbro Inc (Supermatic Parts and Service), no way
thanks for sharing your page......
regarding George's "question" statements I am turning blue wanting to refer to a rock song by my favorite band......
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Re: Zen Full Flavor - not changed (moved)

Posted by mike c on Monday, 15-Oct-2007
ahhh touche touche!!
Dave consider this as a coversation on the tennis court....
I figured the savings difference on my particular quantity of Zen tubes vs. the Smokers Gold at right about $6.00.......I've managed to catch UPS redhanded in an out-and-out lie, and the prospects of free shipping (refund) look rock solid (you know me)
this puts me up a buck....as you know the FP/RYOC dood was real cool to me, so I'll have no problem going to him on the next order
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thank you Dave

Posted by mike c on Friday, 12-Oct-2007
just to let you know I simply experimented with sanding a nozzle with heavy-grade/grit sandpaper and it worked great....didn't use the nozzle though, since it was no longer smooth, and it was ugly
when I get the new one, I'm all set
further, so glad you kept the forum, as to me, it is a sort of club, and I enjoy it immensely.....
if the taxes (which I still don't understand) don't destroy us, many of us here can claim to be sort of the "pioneers", etc....
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Containers-Reliability Of Gladware (moved)

Posted by mike c on Friday, 12-Oct-2007
friend of mine brought me a cupcake as a gift of all darn things, and it was in a little tiny rubbermaid container,,,,it holds about 2 packs worth of tobacco. I keep this on the table with my machine....I tend to make up about a pack or a little more sometimes, and unhook the small spring while the machine isn't in use. The rest of my tobacco just stays in the bag wrapped tight minus air, and then put into a can or a coffee container-no problems whatsoever
ps-wish I could say my baccy came in cans!! I am just finishing a can of Bugler, but that was an emergency luxury.....I went through hell getting it......the "people" at the convenience store where a can has an automatic coupon for a dollar off are evil, and wouldn't recognize it, and tried to tell me the base price was a dollar more.....I went back with a coupon just to fight with them further........but never did buy it there.....(I gave them hell)
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Public Opinion Survey

Posted by mike c on Thursday, 04-Oct-2007
ran into a bit of disagreement with a friend-
are people without sight (blind) any greater risk smoking in apartment buildings, and is there any need for concern??
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general machine speak

Posted by mike c on Sunday, 30-Sep-2007
having used the plastic cutter on my machine(s) for a fair amount of time now, it would appear that gunk build-up basically doesn't exist, and a cleaning may in fact never be needed......(although I'll probably take it apart someday anyway)
further, I have been storing my machines with the chamber open while not in use, so as to keep the plastic gripper cap from sitting mashed to the nozzle-    last night I realized this was causing the small spring to be sitting with the tension on it, so I decided to remove the cap and seat it into the hole in the crank-handle when not in use......(excessive, yes)
and last, I have discovered that simply taking the spoon off and periodically cleaning behind it with q-tip and alcohol is a snap
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tubes and RBA

Posted by mike c on Friday, 21-Sep-2007
bought a carton of southern cross tubes (ff), one of bugler, and one of zig zag......I am apparently too white-trashy to notice subtleties such as paper vapor, etc......all I can say is premier ff's seemed to taste less nice, but that could be imaginary.....
and Kevin, silence isn't a good idea.....I'm very much ready for an attack, I'm on my way to the senator and 2 texas state reps regarding the joke society is, no patience with bs at this time.....foot tapping, waiting.....
ps-the print/logo-ing on the Southern Cross tubes sucks
but they are cheaper
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Marlboro Virginia Blend

Posted by Wazmo Nariz on Monday, 17-Sep-2007
A co-worker insisted I try one of these things today, so I figured "why not." It's certainly a nice looking pack, and apparently comes at a premium price (he said he thought they were about 40 cents a pack higher than the Marlboro Lights he normally gets at the same store).

Anyway, they're billed as Marlboro's "only single-leaf blend." I could certainly taste the Virginia tobacco; it had the usual sweetish taste and a mild aroma. But after a couple of drags, there was no mistaking it for a Windsail Platinum or even a Sagamore Virginia. The old pre-made taste began creeping in (chemicals? fillers? recon?) and started to overpower the mild flavour of the Virginia.

But to me, it beats the hell out of a redtop or a Marlboro Light. Still, no way would I give up the Supermatic for these....
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Dear Circle K Customer......

Posted by Dash on Saturday, 15-Sep-2007
"Due to a manufacturers increase we will be raising the retail price of cigarettes on September 20th.

I stopped in to get a cup of coffee after work and saw this notice posted on the cash register. I just read it and laughed.
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Farmers Friendly Feathers

Posted by Dave L on Friday, 14-Sep-2007
Mostly OT thread from Farmers Gold.
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OT with a touch of Magnum

Posted by Dave L on Friday, 14-Sep-2007
Two threads moved here, one from Magnum and one from Fresh Choice. With too few exceptions, the posts are not about the Magnum. You're welcome to repost, to the appropriate place, anything that is on topic and doesn't involve trashing _any_ product you don't have first hand experience with. Deletions are based on content, using three different handles (...4 now Freddie/Gomer/jason/Weldon) isn't going to affect that.
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'Cuz daily morphine is safer than smoking

Posted by Hua Kul on Friday, 14-Sep-2007
A man with a broken ankle is facing a lifetime of pain because a Health Service hospital has refused to treat him unless he gives up smoking...He is in constant pain from the grating of the broken bones against each other and has been prescribed daily doses of morphine...Mr Nuttall said: '"I am in agony. I have begged them to operate but they won't. I have tried my hardest to give up smoking but I can't. I got down to ten a week at one point but they said that was not good enough.   


--Hua Kul
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chat: the forum: mo

Posted by mike c on Thursday, 13-Sep-2007
please, many differing personalities....
not a problem
but Dave won't appreciate continued gaga, lets get back to tobacco and machines
a usual "ps"...cruised by a fully functioning "cigarettes cheaper" store tonight.....I could have sworn it was gone, and further that they had all closed.....it kinda messed with me...I'll have to visit it FTHOI
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Nuff Said?

Nuff Said?Posted by pokey on Saturday, 08-Sep-2007
A cartoon is worth 1000 words.
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Different kind of future....

Posted by pokey on Friday, 07-Sep-2007
I read somewhere that the cost of a package of cigarettes in Canada isn't much higher than it is here in the US but the tax on a pound of bulk tobacco there is around $75.00 I don't know how much it is here but it can't be much as I have seen a pound of bulk tobacco for as low as $9.00 or $10.00. The taxing authorities, both state and Federal here have to be looking at that and thinking...if they can get away with it there why not here. Considering that the recent round of tax increases by some of the states have increased their revenue tremendously but decreased their taxable customer base by as much as 25 or 28 per cent in some states they have to be concerned about their long term revenue stream from the new tax. There are plenty of statistics that indicate that the success rate of quitting smoking is around 5%, it doesn't take much to be able to figure out that the remaining 20 or so per cent of smokers have found other avenues, and it takes even less to be able to figure out that one of those avenues is stuffing your own cigarettes from bulk tobacco. So......how long do you think it can possibly be before the tax man cometh to stuff you own tobacco?
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Military Cigarettes Throughout History

Military Cigarettes Throughout HistoryPosted by Dano on Thursday, 06-Sep-2007
Yeah ... Axel Rose said it best... You're Way Out Of Line!

Got a beef? A gripe? A need to exhale a non filtered bit of digital dementia?

Well here's my Tobacco Oriented Take on that situation.

Let your keyboard lay it down BUT there's gotta be a Tobacco Hook!
Either in the text OR in the picture!
No exceptions!
Don't Go Rouge!

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Paris Hilton Rolls Her Own...

Paris Hilton and RYOPosted on Thursday, 05-Jul-2007
Thread started by Matt, link to image at Celebslam.com (Oct '06) provided by David Brown.
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