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For general discussions about buying MYO supplies and for reviews/comments about retailers not included on the main Retailers page. The old forum has some online retailers that need to be moved to the main page.

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Amerivape Smoke Shop

Posted by John on Saturday, 31-Aug-2013

I really like these guys, they actually have brick and mortar stores and now you can order online from them. Prices are reasonable Shipping is fast through fedex. I spoke to the owner he said be patient he is adding new products daily. They are based out of New York.
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Tobacco in S GA, or S AL

Posted by Dan on Wednesday, 06-Feb-2013

I'm in the the Tallahassee Area and am looking for a bagged Cigarette tobacco retailer in either Southern Georgia or Southern Alabama. We smoke Premier and McClintock. The web makes it almost impossible to look up stores now. I'm willing to travel a ways as I save a ton of money not buying in FL. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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Posted by shutterbug4it on Sunday, 04-Sep-2011

Trish's site claims, with apologies, that they cannot accept a credit card for payment of their D&R products. With this hurdle,...can anyone suggest how to make a purchase from Trish's?

thanx in advance,

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Where is Baccy Town?

Posted by Baccy Town on Monday, 18-Apr-2011

Nameservers have failed!

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Bugler tobacco in Europe

Posted by joao on Friday, 28-Dec-2007
Hi there, i am from Portugal, and a tobacco smoker for some time now. iīve just been in the US working and i ran out of my regular tobacco, so i went to a store and bought some bugler tobacco, and i have to say that it was love at first site!!!!!!!!! now iīm back in Portugal and the can i bought has ended....
can anyone tell me where can i buy bugler tobacco in Europe, or, is there any US site that sells abroad?!?! iīve searched and searched, and i just couldnīt find!!!!!
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Posted by Mike B on Wednesday, 26-Dec-2007
So, 4 days ago, I found their website and could not navigate to their "contact us" section. I was going to get on again today but their domain has expired. Layman's: The site does not exist.

Anyone have any knowledge?

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Cheap American Spirit here

Posted by Hua Kul on Sunday, 23-Dec-2007
Dave, maybe you could add Smokers Outlet Online to the Retailers page, unless you have some negative experience with them. I've ordered from them three times and received excellent service so far. They have at least a couple of good deals, American Spirit cans for $9.99 and a Zen ES 25-box special for $45.


--Hua Kul
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The Perfect Online Store

Posted by Mike B on Wednesday, 19-Dec-2007
If you were to have everything in a one stop online shop, what would it be? Tobaccos, tubes, etc.
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Avoid RYOcigarrete.com/FairPrice tobacco

Posted by Andy on Friday, 02-Nov-2007
Placed order almost 4 weeks ago, still have not received product. Sent multiple emails and phone calls, no response. Terrible seller. Avoid at all costs.
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NYC syo retailer

Posted by cheap & chippy chopper on Monday, 29-Oct-2007

A while back, I told a forum participant that no NYC syo/myo shops existed in Manhattan.

I'm here to let you know that things have changed. The "Smoke Shop" at 6th Ave and 3rd St., run by an extremely nice guy, now stocks SYO tubes and tobacco of many brands and also will order anything you want (within reason, and we're talking baccy-related, ok? ;D).

Right now, he has a fine selection of tubes, tobacco, and he's got PremiereII machines.   

FYI, and another thank-you to DAVE who has apparently kept the spirit alive here -- you so totally rock.
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Credit Card Machines are Running!

Posted by Jennifer on Thursday, 18-Oct-2007
Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that our machines are finally back up and running! We are with a (tobacco friendly) processing company so we don't anticipate running into this problem again!

I want to say thank you to all the customers who stuck by us during this troublesome time.

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Free worldwide delivery !!!

Posted by Mark Cheng on Monday, 15-Oct-2007
To all international RYO users, jsut came across this site
[link], free worldwide delivery, also the
price is good,any one experienced with this shop? share with me.
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Introduce Myself

Posted by John on Monday, 15-Oct-2007
I just want to post the site I'm currently working on, I think you'll find my prices fair. I don't have a huge selection but that could change soon. We have been family owned and operated for over 25 Years.

Pleasant Smoke [link]

ps: Sorry for the spam, I just want to get the word out if thats ok
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Tobacco shops in/near Gatlinburg, Tn

Posted by Kerry on Wednesday, 11-Jul-2007
Anybody know of some good shops to check in Gatlinburg, Tn? Or relatively nearby.

Thanks in advance!
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American Thrust VS Roll Your Own Tobacco

Posted by Rob S on Wednesday, 08-Aug-2007
Ordered some tobacco and tubes from "American Thrust" and "Roll Your Own Tobacco."
I placed my order over the weekend, and in both cases, I didn't receive confirming emails until early Tuesday evening. By Wednesday morning, UPS tracking for the "American Thrust" package indicated much activity, and it's scheduled delivery date is tomorrow, Thursday. Not bad.

USPS tracking for the "Roll Your Own Tobacco" package showed no activity by Wednesday morning, nor that the Postal Service even received it yet. Disappointing, considering all the good things I've heard about the company form posters on this forum.
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