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Mike Re: McClintock Challenge

Posted by Dave L on Saturday, 15-Dec-2007
I must have moved the post while you were actually writing a reply to it. The script should have caught (and logged) it if you had tried to start a reply to a moved post, i.e. tried to reply using an outdated cached copy of the page. Since I don't see anything in the logs, I'm guessing that you got no error messages... May have fixed that as well as another bug.
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Forum Future

Posted by Dave L on Thursday, 06-Sep-2007
Unfortunately Mark and Doug have a valid point. I've been countering ignorance and inaccuracies when and where I can for close to four years. I had hoped that folks like Mark and Doug would contribute but it looks like that isn't going to happen and I no longer have the time or interest. Site maintenance alone takes too much of my time. There are a lot of good and informative posts on this site and, overall, its usefulness outweighs the BS. So, at least for now, the site is in the hands of the folks that read and use it. If anyone wants to start another forum, they are more than welcome.
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Search Results Font Size

Posted by Dave L on Tuesday, 04-Sep-2007
Kerry emailed me that, for him, the fonts on the search results page are much bigger than normal... Fixed, <H1> wasn't closed. This was likely an issue for some time because the results pages looked fine in my browser. Thanks to Kerry for pointing this out and to everyone else, _please_ speak up when you see something like this.
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Off Topic Posts

Posted by Dave L on Sunday, 15-Jul-2007
Am I doing something wrong? What do Indiana cig/OTP taxes have to do with a New Hampshire smoking ban and what do new federal taxes have to do with tobacco growing (a logical spin-off on the MSA topic)? I'm not pointing any fingers, just puzzled and moving posts to appropriate locations gets tiring.

Please read the page tile and description on posting pages. The description now includes links to take you up the posting tree (e.g. growing > MSA > Politics and Smoking Ban > Politics).

You can also get to an appropriate place to post a reply by using the "go to:" links at the bottom of every post. The "go to:" links take you, in increasingly larger hops, up the page.

"parent" takes you to the post that the one you are reading is a reply to.
"OP" takes you to the Original Post, the first post of the thread the post you are reading is in.
"topic" takes you to the topic of discussion.
"top" takes you to the top of the page.
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New Sections

Posted by Wazmo Nariz on Saturday, 30-Jun-2007
Thanks for including a politics section...political mumbo-jumbo being so closely intertwined with smoking these days, it's good to have a separate section to vent spleens.

Now I won't have to feel bad when posting about them bastids and their lunatic policies relating to Us in a tube or tobacco section. :-)
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Posted by Matt on Friday, 29-Jun-2007

I'm sure I speak for all of us. Kudos to all the hard work you've put in just so we can come here to chew the fat about SYO.
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Site Layout

Posted by Wazmo Nariz on Friday, 29-Jun-2007
Just checkin' out the new site layout...seems nice so far, but with IE7, your footer doesn't appear all the way down at the bottom of the page. Currently, it's residing right across the comment box on this page.

Other than that, a nice spruce up!
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Old Site Forum

Site related comment prior to Jun '07
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