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Posted by Scott on Monday, 02-May-2016

Hi All,
I'm searching for a tube made with a non acetate filter. I'd actually prefer a minimalist filter (more of a space holder for the injection machine). Have found a company that makes a filter (Essantra) but the min order is 2.5 mil and they don't make the tubes, nor will they tell me to whom they sell these particular filters. Confident that they exist just can't find them. Much thanks in advance if anyone has any related info.
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Posted by sonia on Wednesday, 09-Mar-2016

any person know this brand of tubes and filter?
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Gambler filter differences?

Posted by Jim on Thursday, 07-May-2015

My wife and I use Gambler tube cut gold filters they work for us we like them, and have been using them to roll since last August. However, recently we have noticed that instead of the normal two ring filters we usually get we are getting the same exact box with the same exact markings and getting filters in those boxes with just one ring. These filters seem to be slightly lighter and it bugs the crap out of us. These are not the same filters as the two ring version, and they provide a slightly different lighter flavor. How can we be getting two different varieties of filter from the same box? Trust me we have to check the boxes ahead of time at the tobacco shop before we buy now. They do come from the same boxes. Can anyone shed any light on why?
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Saltpetre etc. in tubes

Posted by Ali on Saturday, 24-Jan-2015

Here's a story.................. having just got into leaf [I roll my own] and being delighted with the results I figured I'd get a tube machine and some tubes for my partner who smokes straights/readymade. Cheap MYO machine and Rizla tubes was a brilliant success, but it was obvious that the tubes have saltpetre or some other fast burn agent in them. So as much research as possible and no real information on any tubes WITHOUT saltpetre. Mascotte tubes get good reviews and as we're in England availability was good [Ebay] So I contact Mascotte and ask DIRECTLY if their tubes contain saltpetre - their reply was that the tubes contain only natural ingredients. I ask again, DIRECTLY, for assurance that there is NO saltpetre or similar used - they reply that their last answer covered it, "only natural materials used" I actually ask again for a statement that there is NO burn agent used, such as saltpetre - no reply. I buy some Mascotte, do a test by touching an empty tube with a lit cigarette - the tube is gone in 5 seconds! This thing would work as a fuse! If anything Rizla burn slightly slower. Same test on Mascotte organic rolling paper and it barely catches light, then goes out. So my point is twofold, firstly does anyone produce truly additive free tubes? and secondly since Mascotte do such excellent organic papers [and filters] please email them and ask them to produce organic tubes. The whole point of RYO/SYO is that we can have the freedom to smoke what we want, without added chemicals if we so choose, companies such as Mascotte not being open about additives is just as bad as the big tobacco companies tricks. Thanks for reading and looking forward to your thoughts, Ali in England
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Menthol tubes not working right

Posted by David on Saturday, 18-Oct-2014

Okay, so I have an older (maybe 18 months old now) Top-O-Matic. I use Kentucky Choice pipe tobacco in the blue bag (light) with Zen tubes. My wife uses the blue 100s, I use the green 100s.

When making the cigarettes, I have recently started having MAJOR issues with the menthol tubes. As in, a solid 40% of them fail to properly fill all the way. I have no such problems making my wife's cigarettes. Her's fill properly. I use the same amount of tobacco, same force on the handle, same everything....except the tubes are different, of course.

Thinking maybe it was a bad batch of Zen menthol tubes, I picked up a box of Premier menthol 100s. Same problem.

My question, of course, is what the crap? I never had a problem before making menthol 100s, and still don't have an issue making the blue 100s for my wife (maybe 1 tube out of 50 fails on hers). What might be the issue? And how can it be fixed?

Thanks in advance. Replies can go here or to my email (minizilla30@gmail.com).

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What makes a tube horrible?

Posted by Mike B on Friday, 14-Dec-2007
So, I have like 400 Premier Tubes and I see here that some of you sincerely hate them. Why?
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Tired of tubes...

Posted by cheap & chippy chopper on Tuesday, 04-Dec-2007
Whoa, I think I'm having a little trouble navigating the new forum organization.

anyway, here's what I meant to post here:

After being burned down by the RYO mag guy over my suggestions for tube improvements, I got a bit "over" tubes and instead explored over 20 websites selling papers, filters, and rolling machines.

I discovered an interesting thing: good (meaning rice or flax or hemp, flavorless and "paperless") papers cost A BUNDLE compared with premade tubes. This fact, by the way, wasn't mentioned by said RYO mag person.

Anyone else noticed this? I thought, heck, papers are going to be cheaper.   Hoo doggies, they ain't. Some of the nice transparent or wood-free papers cost almost double the price of the goodish tubes. That's *before* you pick up the filters, and the machine.

Whazzup with that?
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Handmade Tube Dispenser

Handmade Tube DispenserPosted by ChasM on Wednesday, 25-Jul-2007
Hangs right behind my cigarette making machine (Supermatic II or Top-O-Matic - depending on my mood). It has been well worth the time spent to make it.
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Tube and Case Holder

Tube and Case HolderI wanted something a bit more solid than a cardboard box for the tubes and something that would keep my cigarette cases in one place and easy to fill. Its made from .04" aluminum, some mahogany-like wood and has four small rubber feet. To fill it with tubes, I reverse/back fold the lid and flaps and tear them off, I then place the holder over the box, flip it upright and then pull off the box out. There's also an image of an empty holder.
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