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cigarette like rolling

Posted by subi on Monday, 19-Nov-2012

I'm newbie on rollin my own. So what is a good cheap roller that rolls exactly like cigarettes.
Is this [link] a good rolling paper and filter for cigarettes.

And honestly there is so much stuff on this forum FUCK I'm so confused and frustrated right now.

I dont get what tubes are.:S

My definition of filter is the end part of cigarette, the spongy part.

So please i just want a good cheap roller and what kind of paper/tubes/filter i need to roll Class A cigarettes?

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Re: cigarette like rolling
Posted by Mark Note on Tuesday, 10-Aug-2021

Who bought a regular inexpensive cigarette rolling machine? Is there any difference from the quality models?

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Re: cigarette like rolling
Posted by Mark Note on Tuesday, 10-Aug-2021

I found a great selection of cigarette rolling machines here [link]. You can choose the best option for you and smoke only quality proven tobacco.

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Re: cigarette like rolling
Posted by taro_todoroki on Tuesday, 30-Apr-2013

Hi dude,

'Tubes' are pre-made cigarette papers with a filter tip, just like manufactured cigarettes use. You can find a wide variety of kinds from regular 'king size' and 100s (longer at 100mm), slims, unfiltered, menthol filters, black paper, unbleached brown etc. After trying many brands I pretty much only use 'Ramback Prestige Gold' king size, full flavour tubes.

The injector machine is what you use to fill a tube, as opposed to hand rolling in just a paper. I highly recommend the EXP1000 cigarette injector. It's a basic hand crank injector that's very cheap, but with a little practice you can stuff cigarettes absolutely perfectly with it. Hand/slide injectors are annoying.

I also recommend D&R (or 2 Daughters) tobaccos. There's a whole hush hush thing with tax categories, so you'll find it as 'pipe tobacco'. Their Ramback Gold is an incredible and one of a kind (these days) real Turkish blend with some first class gold-leaf flue cured Virginia for brightness. Very flavourful yet smooth as hell with no throat feel. I blend this with their Rimboché SJ, which is also unique and amazing cig tobacco. All their stuff is great.

D&R (plus other) tobaccos info: [link]

D&R tobacco in small tins to try: [link]

Injector machine videos: [link]

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