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My last order ('02) arrived across the country 3 days after ordering with order 'confirmed' and 'shipped' emails arriving the same day I placed the order. I started out w/ their 'Excel Starter Kit'. Tobacco choices are limited to their house brand and Golden Harvest. Their site is pretty user friendly and while shipping charges aren't upfront, they are reasonable.

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Re: Stuff Your Own
Posted by gene M on Monday, 27-Sep-2004

I have been ordering from SYO for quite some time now and have never had a bad experience. Their products are very reasonably priced and very high quality. By giving friends samples of the completed product myself I have converted several others to rolling their own and although some have tried other merchants they come back to SYO for their superior product and service. Over the years I only had one problem with delivery and after looking into the problem I determined it was caused by the Postal Service and not SYO. SYO still straightened out the problem to my satisfaction even though the problem was not caused by them. I won't buy from anyone else.

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Re: Stuff Your Own
Posted by John Harris on Monday, 29-Sep-2003

I've been using SYO For over 2 years...These guys are the best! I've found tobacco for a little less ( 33 cents per pound) but it was awful dry, and HARSH......They continue to impress me with the way they do business...KEEP IT UP!

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