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Now "only available to Pennsylvania residents"
AKA 7 Valleys Custom Blends. Lots of 'custom blended' (some appear to be repackaged brand names) tobacco choices. A plus is the 1 oz. samples, I really wish more of the shops did this. Something odd though, my introduction to 'soapy' tasting tobacco and tubes and the first 'bad' tasting tobacco I have tried. I don't know if this stuff is being stored around incense or what but whatever it is the tubes and tobacco are picking it up, bad news. While I found a couple of bends I liked, they were not so good to justify their high ($25 to $39+ lb.) price. Shipping was reasonable and they were pretty efficient ('02).

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Re: Custom Blends
Posted by Death1 on Friday, 08-Jun-2007

I recently ordered from Custom Blends. I selected Custom Blend Select Blend #20. I was a dedicated Winston smoker for 26 years. Before that Marlboro which gave me headaches and the reason I switched. I was looking for something Winston like. I like it and I'm hooked. Its better than paying 4.20/pk any day. I'm completely off Winston now. I think its a better smoke than the original! Packed and shipped USPS Priority at blazing speed. You won't get something for nothing there but you can get something for something.

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Re: Custom Blends
Posted by Smokin n Jokin on Sunday, 10-Jun-2007

I figured my order would be shipped Monday, I got it today. I haven't tried #20 but I think I've tried everything else that isn't full flavor including their menthol blends. Haven't found anything I don't like yet. I'm hooked on #1 and #3 in a full flavor Rizla tube. Numbers 14 and 21 aren't bad either. I ordered 8oz of each. I'll smoke each one exclusively until they are gone and then settle on the one I like best.

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I'm happy
Posted by Smokin n jokin on Tuesday, 27-Feb-2007

I just got an order in from these folks today. While shopping on thier web site I noticed that they only shipped USPS. I called and asked them if they could ship any other way as I don't get USPS because I refuse to spend an hour a day sorting and throwing out junk mail. I talked to Mark and he told me to go ahead and place an order and put in the comments box to not ship USPS and they'd figure out a way to get it to me. It arrived today, one day ahead of schedule by Fedex. OK, I'll grant you, they may be a little pricey but they also seem to do everything a little better, from the packaging to the shipping and handling, which always costs a little more. Also I'm willing to pay a little more if a vendor offers a good selection and a variety of merchandise. I haven't found anywhere that they offer as broad a choice as Custom Blends does. I haven't tried them yet but I ordered about 15 samples of their blends. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again. They don't have the lowest prices in the free world but are still a lot less than any local smoke shop that I've been to.

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Re: I'm happy
Posted by adam on Wednesday, 28-Feb-2007

d&R is an awsome company. custom blends have always gotten my order to me in a timly manner im about to try some of there blends also. american thrust is also a good company my order has always been right and recieved in a timly manner.

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how does custom blends ship there orders
Posted by adam on Wednesday, 14-Feb-2007

i just got some pouches from them i was wondering how they ship it ups or usps i hope usps im in texas and i always get my stuff quicker through the usps thanks for the info.

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Re: how does custom blends ship there orders
Posted by Smokin' Mo on Friday, 16-Feb-2007


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Custom Blends
Posted by Smokin' Mo on Friday, 02-Feb-2007

I read the comments posted here about CB before I purchased from them so I knew I was taking somewhat of a risk but due to the biz's short history, I saw it as a worthwhile risk.
From what I learned about CB, they started as a small-biz; had one store in PA, did so well, they opened another store in PA.Did so well with those 2 stores and with their online sales, they decided to franchise themselves. I think I recall reading a snipet about them in my monthly biz magazine.
As a AmSpirit smoker, price isn't the most important factor for me. When I have purchased a carton from some tribe in the southwest, it was 30 bucks plus five for shipping. In MYO, that breaks down roughly to $24 for 6 oz of tobacco, $3 for rolling tube and $3 for packaging. So CustomBlends' prices didn't keep me away. Their selection appealed to me, as did their "success story".
When I have a choice between doing business with a large, established company/corporation and a young, upstart company, I will choose the newcomer, 75-95% of the time--just because of my fondness for entreprenuers and/or small biz owners.
They are the backbone of this nation and I support them, whenever I can.
That said, let's move to the tobacco section of this forum because I received my order yesterday.:)

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Re: Custom Blends
Posted by Kevin on Wednesday, 16-Jun-2004

After looking through 'custom blends' lists of tobaccos I found that some are direct quotes from the D&R website on their blends - Looks like they buy & split up into smaller amounts; SAME blends & the price sure shows!, their prices seem very high if this is the case of just REpacking tobaccos we already have available to us closer to the source. But like I read here its a free country & we can pay as much as they ask LIL' BROWN (www.lilbrown.com)
& Fair price RYO (www.ryocigarette.com)
have the lowest prices I've seen on the net & I've done my best to track down the best deals I can.

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Re: Custom Blends
Posted by Dave L on Thursday, 15-Jul-2004

The implications didn't set in until I got a pop-up ad that was was a word for word description of D&R's GR Rimboche. The possibility that many/all of their so called 'custom blends' are re-packaged name brands is disturbing.

And the prices, 50-75+% higher than D&R's! A glance at tubes shows a good selection but really steep prices there to...Good selection of pouches at surprisingly reasonable prices.

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Re: Custom Blends
Posted by Mark Tucci on Sunday, 09-Nov-2003

I noticed your comments about a soapy taste on a sample of tobacco you received from us. We regret very much your experience and would have been completely happy to replace the sample. I have no idea why your sample tasted soapy. We do carry incense as well, and it's possible a person handled incense before handling your tobacco. We apologize for that.

We have thousands of customers all over the world, and have never had that experience before. If you would like some other samples we would be glad to send them to you gratis for your trouble.


Mark - Owner
Custom Blends

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