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Tobacco General stocks numerous pipe and dual purpose tobaccos, most in the $12-$15lb range. Shipping is free on orders over $120 and $8 on smaller orders. My first order went without a hitch - email communication was good and my order shipped the next day... same w/ the second ('11), my retailer of choice for basic tobacco (OHM and Buoy Natural)... '15 and still my retailer of choice (zero issues)... until Dec '19, no longer shipping to my state.

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Re: Ohm (mint) Tobacco General on line store
Posted by annette boyle on Thursday, 05-Mar-2015

Stay away from Tobacco General. Spent 90.00 and no product for a month. I called. and they said some items were back ordered. In the mean time They have my money for a month and I have no tobacco. Told them they should have notified me. They said they would send comparable replacement next day air. I waited another two weeks and the replacement was cheaper than my original order. The tobacco was like straw. So dry clogged up my machine. Was in the state of sand when I received. This was sitting in a warehouse for years!!!Customer service person is rude . I can send items back but would cost me to ship. I would also have to pay a 15% restore fee. Warning...stay away from these gypsys .

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Re: Ohm (mint) Tobacco General on line store
Posted by Dave L on Thursday, 05-Mar-2015

That's unfortunate. I've never had an issue in the 4-5 years I've been buying from Tobacco General, so I have no experience with their customer service.

I had the impression that they were pretty good about not letting you order things that are out of stock. I had to order Golden Harvest tubes once because the Shargio's were out of stock.

What tobacco did you order and what was the replacement? Shake and dry tobacco are typically the manufacturers fault. A retailer would have to keep tobacco around for years (5-10?) for it to dry out on their end. It's been some time since I've had to bother with tweaking the moisture content of tobacco.

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Re: Tobacco General
Posted by Dave on Tuesday, 31-Jul-2012

Great prices on baccy OHM is my fav can not beat the 51.99 for 5 pounds for 12.99 for 1 pound

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Re: Tobacco General
Posted by Dave L on Thursday, 02-Feb-2012

As Harrell pointed out, TG is now carrying 5lb bags of OHM ($53), Buoy ($50) and Golden Harvest ($50).

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