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May '11: gone
A reasonable selection of tobaccos at good prices. Tube selection is limited to Zig-Zag (FF/LT REG/100) and Premier (FF REG only). It looks like shipping is $6.99 for up to 9LBS, $8.99 for up to 16LBS, and so on.

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tobacco ave.com
Posted by Bob on Saturday, 17-Jul-2004

Here is the best price I've found on the Peter Stockkebye Danish, Stockholm & Norwegian Export series; I dont recall ever seeing it below $13.00!!!
Very small tube section looks like zig zag is it.
All other tobacco prices seem equal & a bit higher than our beloved 'lil brown smoke shop & http://www.ryocigarette.com/
But its always good to keep an eye open for sales.

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Re: tobacco ave.com
Posted by oops on Sunday, 18-Jul-2004

tobacco avenue.com

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Re: tobacco ave.com
Posted by Tim Aydt on Monday, 19-Jul-2004

Unless PS is all you buy and you buy it in bulk, you're still better off going with Lil' Brown.

Tobacco Avenue's shipping is $6.99 and nearly everything else they have, is a little higher than Lil' Brown. With Lil' Brown's shipping at $6.00, you would have to structure your purchase, from Tobacco Ave., carefully to get a better deal.

Plus, their selection is very limited.

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Re: tobacco ave.com
Posted by Bob on Monday, 19-Jul-2004

Yes-your right;structuring purchases is a smart think to do; I also find its the best $$$ deal to order my favorite tobaccos in the largest amount I can afford at the time & http://www.ryocigarette.com/ has the best tube prices around along with SOME tobaccos, 'lil brown smoke shop sure has good prices too. I order a case of 50 packages of tubes at a time but one must be aware of & careful about storage such as storing tubes in a musty humid basement would be a large mistake. I store my tobacco/tubes in a ventilated 1st floor walk in closet that has airflow with the rest of the house for ac/heating & I've found the packaging with McClintock/Bali/ and all Peter stockkebye products for that matter along with D&R to have A+ packaging/freshness that will keep very well if stored properly, I have opened cans of Danish export 2years+ old that are just as good & fresh if not more mellow than a can printed on the bottom as being just months since packaging.
My logic is to have my own little smoke shop that right now I would guess my favorite every day products are 'stocked' for maybe a year from now but dont just buy whatever comes along & seems like a good deal at the time & get stuck with some brand that is not one of your tried & true brands, for example I have a five pound tub of turkish export I bought from Ziggy mart thats so dried out all I can do is just slowly mix it in with some of my regular daily smoke just to get rid of it.
There are some tobaccos I wish I never would have bought & have actually thrown some away, I hate to admit that but thats all part of my MYO road that still has me learning fine points that pop up now & then in making smokes with the supermatic priemer. I'am five years into ryo/myo & once again I want to thank our host here at SYO for creating & maintaining this GREAT FORUM.

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