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Menthol Tubes/Slim size

Posted by Dee on Thursday, 07-Jan-2021

Has anyone found, or even tried to find a menthol tube 6.5? I can find menthol tubes, but not slim, and I can find the slim cigarette injector. Unfortunately no one carries the slim tube in "menthol." I do realize the problem is there isn't a market for them to make that for, as most female smokers have not discovered rolling their own. Sad for me. I think this discovery is the best thing I have ever found, based solely on the money savings. It's really incredible. The only thing to make it better would be having the exact cigarette I want. I have found what I believe to be a great tobacco, and almost identical to the Virginia Slims. Ky Best Menthol, pipe tobacco. You know, maybe I don't need the menthol filter, if my tobacco is menthol already, why would I need that? Anyone know?

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Re: Menthol Tubes/Slim size
Posted by johndoe on Wednesday, 20-Jan-2021

korona slim menthol on ebay

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