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The Supermatic was first introduced to North America (Canada) in 1934. The less expensive Supermatic II (and Excel) came along quite a bit later. It wasn't until a few years ago that other companies started making machines very similar to the Supermatic. The Top-O-Matic was the first and, internally, it is almost identical to the Supermatic. While the new Top-O-Matic has a few aspects that set it apart, the Ultimatic and Royale-Matic have followed the lead of the earlier Top-O-Matic.


Royale-MaticRYOC/FairPrice recently started selling the Royale-Matic (RYOC page), another Supermatic clone, for $28. mike c reports that repair service is available.
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Supermatic (C series)

Supermatic (C-series)The advertised "new and improved design" changes for the new ('07) Supermatics are the Acetal (plastic) cutter/compressor and the "precision cut" H-link. For now, the following is mostly about the structural aspects of the new Supermatic and how it differs from recent, B-series, Supermatics. While the plastic cutter is the most significant improvement, there are a few other unadvertised improvements and nice touches . Unfortunately, the new H-link is not one of the improvements... more
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Supermatic II

Supermatic_II.jpgBasically a Supermatic that's got a plastic housing and cannot make 100's. If you don't care about 100's this is, in some respects, a better machine than the Premier... more
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SupermaticRBA's top of the line machine. An adjustable machine that can make king, 100 and short (regular/70mm) size cigarettes... more
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Top-O-Matic (w/ handle)

Top-O-Matic (w/ handle)The new ('07) Top-O-Matic is significantly better made than the original and has some interesting new features that set it apart from the Supermatics and other clones. The new TOM has a shorter spoon, a stainless steel chamber, a chamber reducer and a handle. The shorter spoon and chamber reducer are great when using the newer long filtered tubes. Even if it doesn't reduce scratching and gumming, the use of stainless is a plus, as is the handle... more
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Top-O-Matic.jpgThe original Top-O-Matic (TOM) is a Chinese made Supermatic clone. Its not as well made as the Supermatic and there is no noticeable difference in functionality between the two machines. The machines are, for the most part, identical. The only physical differences of interest are the TOM's increased clearances, paint on the bottom of the cutter housing, and a number of softer/brass parts... more
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Hildbrandt UltimaticThe Hildbrandt Ultimatic is a Chinese made Supermatic clone. Currently, its only available on eBay from preciousauctions. Here's a link to his Tobacciana listings. At this point there has been no information provided relating to warranty, service, or parts availability. Cheapest price is currently $36 shipped.
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Vintage Supermatic

Vintage_Supermatic.jpgThe Supermatic hasn't changed a whole lot over the years. The red and chrome machine was around for a lot of years before the relatively recent introduction of the blue/gray machine. Tim Aydt bought one of the older machines on eBay and was kind enough to provide pictures and the following writeup... more
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