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The crank style machines are the most popular way to SYO and provide the best bang for the buck. They are easier and faster to use than handheld injectors and are almost as fast as the much more expensive electric machines. Current subcategories are:


How To

The Crank type machines, while there is a learning curve, are pretty easy to use if your machine is properly adjusted and you don't use tobacco that's too moist and/or stuff too much tobacco into the slot... more
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Filterless Tubes

All the crank machines can stuff filter-less tubes if the tube release is early enough. The Excel doesn't have an adjustable release and requires modification.
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Long Filtered Tubes

Cigarette Size TubesWhile the 1/4" longer filters in the 'Cigarette Size' tubes are the most extreme (22mm), there are a number of St Vincent made tubes that have longer (20mm) than the traditional 15-17mm filters. Since these tubes hold less tobacco you'll always have tobacco sticking out of the end of your cigarettes unless you use a shorter spoon and don't fill the tobacco chamber all the way to the left end. The idea is to shorten the spoon and the tobacco plug to match the inside length of the tube. If you have patience, you can do it as pictured (it did produce a perfect smoke). What I normally do is fill the chamber from right to left and leave the left end loose, the loose tobacco packs itself against the filter... I'm now copying the new TOM by using a chamber opening reducer

If you're getting torn tubes you can try setting the release to 'regular' (earlier release). If this doesn't work, or you have a Supermatic II, shortening the spoon is the best option.
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100mm Tubes

Because the 'matics are multi-purpose machines, making 100's on them can be a bit tricky. I'm not a 100's smoker and I have to say its not the easiest way to make a smoke. Careful attention to fully and evenly filling the chamber is required. The size of the tobacco chamber limits the tobacco plug to ~75mm long and you need every bit of that to get a reasonably full end to end fill. Making 100's is also hard on the machine, noticeably more cranking force is required and tobacco moisture content is more critical.
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