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Maintenance and repair of you 'matic.


Supermatic_Maintenance.jpgThe primary issue with these machines is tobacco build-up on the bottom of the cutter (TOP calls it a tamper) and on the top/front of the chamber (viewed through the nozzle)... more
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Supermatic B and 500 series

There are two blue and gray Supermatics. The B-series is the most common and has been made in Canada since 2001. The B-series can be identified by the serial number which starts with a 'B' (...actually it can be A, B or C). If you order parts online (part numbers starting with a 'P' or 'PS'), they will fit this machine. The new plastic cutter/compressor and H-linkage only fit this machine.

In 2006 Imperial/RBA started making some Supermatics (500-series) in the same factory that the Supermatic II is made (Indonesia). These machines take Supermatic II parts (part numbers starting with an 'S' or 'PS') with the exception the crank bushing/nut and H-linkage. Those three parts are unique to this machine and currently not available online (call or use the order form). Besides the serial number (a leading 5 instead of an A, B or C), these machines have a plastic (instead of steel) nut on the crank bushing, the brass nuts on the top of the machine look like bolt heads (instead of small acorn-like nuts) and the cutter/compressor face is a light green color.

Thanks to mike c for bringing this to light and to George at Arbro for explaining it.
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Wrench Sizes

There could be variations depending on when the machine was manufactured.

Supermatic (C-series):
   Crank nuts: 14mm is a better fit than 9/16"
   'H' Linkage: Bottom - 5/16" or flat blade screwdriver, Top - 1/4"
   Spoon mount: 5/16" or flat blade screwdriver
   Gripper plate: 1/4"

Supermatic (B-series):
   Crank nuts: 14mm is a better fit than 9/16"
   'H' Linkage: Bottom - 9/32", Top - 1/4"
   Gripper plate: 1/4"

Supermatic II:
   Crank nuts: 14mm is a better fit than 9/16"
   'H' Linkage: Bottom - 5/16" or flat blade screwdriver, Top - 5/16"
   Gripper plate: 7/32"
   Note: The 'H' linkage top nut can be superglued in place so that only a 14mm wrench and a flat blade screwdriver are needed for removing the cutter.

   Crank nuts: 14mm
   'H' Linkage: Bottom - 7mm is a better fit than 9/32"
   Gripper plate: 7/32"
   Note: No standard wrench fits well on the crank nuts, 14mm is the closest fit.

   Crank nuts: 14mm
   'H' Linkage: Bottom - ?" or flat bladed screwdriver, Top - 1/4"
   Gripper plate: 1/4"
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While you can always send your Supermatic to ARBRO Inc or call Republic (1-800-288-8888) about your Top-O-Matic, there are some things easier to do yourself.
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Parts and warranty service for Premier machines is now being handled by ARBRO Inc. CTC USA has closed its doors. CTC/Premier product distribution is now handled by Robert Burton Associates (the US arm of Imperial Tobacco - the folks who bought CTC).
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