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Primarily handheld injectors, any stuffing machine that has a fixed spoon and sliding top/cover. While handheld tube injectors are a cheap way to get started, most folks will have better success with a crank style injector.

Silver Tip Extra

Silver Tip ExtraNew ('08) handheld injector for stuffing the new ('08) Silver Tip Extra tubes. The Silver Tip Extra tubes have a 25mm long filter and cannot hold as much tobacco as a standard tube. Using a standard handheld will result in torn tubes and/or lots of tobacco hanging from the tip of the finished smoke. The Silver Tip Extra injector, with its shorter spoon and tobacco chamber, was designed specifically for the Silver Tip Extra tubes.
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6.5mm Injector from D&R!

6.5mm Injector from D&R!Posted by Captain U-96 aka Mike on Friday, 14-Dec-2007
Quite the hardiest little slider I've seen so far! Too bad they all aren't made this heavy. Comes with a plastic compressor and a spare nipple & directions.
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Blue rizla (the newer one)

Blue rizla (the newer one)Posted by Jennifer on Sunday, 24-Jun-2007
The blue rizla [link] injector is by far the best hand held injector I have ever used. It's very well built and durable. I also really appreciate the 'rail' system it uses to keep it closed. You no longer need downward pressure to keep the injector closed.

Until I can afford to replace the busted supermatic 2 I tossed out, this is what I use to inject. I usually carry it in my purse along with some tobacco and tubes. This is the ONLY hand held injector I would recommend to anyone.
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Gizeh "Golden Tip Producter"

Gizeh Posted by cheap & chippy chopper on Thursday, 12-Apr-2007
I'm brand new to MYO, and decided after a few weeks of reading, watching videos, browsing this forum and webshopping, that I'd get both a Top-O-Matic for 'pack production,' and one of these little fellows as a portable unit.

For an all-plastic $12-15 machine, it turns out to be much sturdier than I expected. The materials used are smoother, harder and tougher than the impression I got from the photo.

It produced a lovely stick on my first-ever SYO try, and has jammed only once -- due to the operator putting in a little too much too-moist Ramback. ;-}

The tube storage area doubles as a 'staging area', lol. Perfect size for mixing up enough baccy for 6-8 cigs. Once I have my mix the way I want it, I set 7 tubes on top and shut the lid. Although it doesn't snap closed, and of course the injector assembly doesn't have a "lock down for travel" feature, I just put one rubber band around that area (parallel to the injector), and one the other way crossing the injector.... and away I go.

The GTP is easy to clean - just immerse in soapy hot water for a few minutes, wash around the cutting surfaces with a soft cloth, let dry and it's ready to shoot more great smokes.

RYO Mag's page, where I first saw it: [link]
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The El Rey hand injector

The El Rey hand injectorPosted by Tom Suttie on Monday, 20-Aug-2007
I have been using the hand held EL REY injector now for over five years, and having used other hand helds in the meantime, I can unreservedly give the EL REY top marks.

It is very well made, and with only one moving part, is very reliable. I suppose we all aspire to a crank machine (Supermatic, Excel etc), but in the meantime the EL REY must be one of the best HH's on the market - or even for permanent use.

EFKA (Germany) are the makers, and I think that they have now been taken over by Imperial Tobacco, so should be available in U.S.A. The site Roll-Up U.K. has a photograph [link] of this machine in its smart blue & cream livery.
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Royale-MaticPosted by mike c on Sunday, 22-Jul-2007
just spotted this one at FairPrice......3 sticks at a time, 60 dollars
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