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Excel Filterless Mod

Excel_filterless_mod.jpgThe Excel tube release (non-adjustable) is a bit on the late side for filterless smokes. If the release is too late the tobacco plug can be compressed/shortened because there is no filter for the tobacco to bump/push against. With the Excel this typically results in a void at the nozzle end of the smoke. The Excel can be modified for an earlier release using 9/32" brass tubing placed over the release (epoxy fills the gaps).

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Re: Excel Filterless Mod
Posted by Warren on Thursday, 18-Aug-2005

Yes, just opened the machine and I see it now. It works nearly the same way as the Suprematic release mechanism, just implemented via the plastic release bar. The spring holding the gripper release seems pretty stiff for the plastic bar....

Just added the fix -- it works. I didn't have any metal tubing (or a machine shop) so I cut off an end of a Bic ballpoint pen and wedged a sliver of wood to hold it on the release bar. I also cut two rings from the gripper spring to soften its push a bit. (That machine is bit of a pain to reassemble, hope the fix holds.)

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