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New to this and need clarification

Posted by Bonnie Benson on Monday, 08-Sep-2014

Hello everyone,
I am new to RYO and have made the decision based on cost. I was smoking USA Gold Light 100's - I don't think they are available everywhere but would be similar to Marlboro Light 100's. I went the extra mile and purchased a nice electric roller which works great and I started with a bag of Gambler Gold pipe tobacco (recommended by a friend) and Gambler tubes which I didn't like. The smoke shop here recommended Premier blue 100's which seems much lighter. I was looking on line where I found I could purchase products much cheaper but in looking, I have realized that nothing says "light" and everything seems to be color coded. Blue, Gold, Red etc. How do I tell light tobacco and light tubes? Also my brother in law is interested in starting to roll his own and he has smoked Lucky Strikes all his life - non-filter. How would I know the best tobacco to get that might be similar and what tubes? This seems so confusing to me and I don't want to purchase and not be able to use them. Thank you for any suggestions.

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Re: New to this and need clarification
Posted by Matt on Saturday, 12-Nov-2016

Well let's see.. you mentioned blue,gold,red ... Another genius!! What are the color codes on packs of cigarettes. Think long and hard here I know this is a tough one.. try the SAME F****** COLOR

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Re: answer
Posted by Mea on Thursday, 23-Nov-2017

When looking At the colors, you
Can find a "taste quality" or "taste strength" description on back of the bag. Blue and silver are usually the lights when it comes to tobacco. Red indicating the strongest like Marlboro reds. The cigarette tube with the filters on them is the route to lights, ultra, or full strength. I buying regular cigarettes it is always the filter that makes the cigarette full flavor, lights, or ultra light. Color code on tobacco indicates blends, add ins, and processing the tobacco. Turkish, think camel. American, think Marlboro or pall mall. Best of luck. And don't listen to the jerk. Not knowing much about tobacco doesn't make one an idiot. Having to be entertained by slamming people for not knowing about tobacco is a more accurate indicator of a moron.

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Re: answer
Posted by Shelby on Tuesday, 14-Aug-2018

So what would be the closest in flavor to Lucky Strikes, in your opinion?

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