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New to this and need clarification

Posted by Bonnie Benson on Monday, 08-Sep-2014

Hello everyone,
I am new to RYO and have made the decision based on cost. I was smoking USA Gold Light 100's - I don't think they are available everywhere but would be similar to Marlboro Light 100's. I went the extra mile and purchased a nice electric roller which works great and I started with a bag of Gambler Gold pipe tobacco (recommended by a friend) and Gambler tubes which I didn't like. The smoke shop here recommended Premier blue 100's which seems much lighter. I was looking on line where I found I could purchase products much cheaper but in looking, I have realized that nothing says "light" and everything seems to be color coded. Blue, Gold, Red etc. How do I tell light tobacco and light tubes? Also my brother in law is interested in starting to roll his own and he has smoked Lucky Strikes all his life - non-filter. How would I know the best tobacco to get that might be similar and what tubes? This seems so confusing to me and I don't want to purchase and not be able to use them. Thank you for any suggestions.

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Re: New to this and need clarification
Posted by Matt on Saturday, 12-Nov-2016

Well let's see.. you mentioned blue,gold,red ... Another genius!! What are the color codes on packs of cigarettes. Think long and hard here I know this is a tough one.. try the SAME F****** COLOR

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