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Rolling tobacco closest to taste of virginia

Posted by DAnne lee on Thursday, 01-May-2014

I'm just starting to roll my own cigarettes. I have smoked virginia slims for years. Can anyone please tell me a tobacco that is the closest in taste to virginia slims? I would appreciate help in finding a tobacco. Thank you

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Re: Rolling tobacco closest to taste of virg
Posted by Tom Harrison on Thursday, 21-Feb-2019

Hey, man, not sure about the tobacco, but I've seen your post and wanted to share a piece of advice with you: use only reliable machines to roll cigarettes. You'll soon be tired of rolling them by yourself, so you get an idea to purchase a rolling machine. I'd recommend you to use one of Top-O-Matic models: [link]. They come up with some good models and I'm very pleased with the machines' durability. Cigarettes are also easy to make and have good quality. Check their models, I think you'll find yourself one.

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