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CustomBlends vs The Good Stuff

Posted by smoking momma on Thursday, 21-Nov-2013

Ok, so I am fairly new to ryo. I purchased a lb of the good stuff red and found it to be just fine to smoke. Then I purchased a 6oz bag of custom blends #2. the taste was fine as well, The price difference is what gets me.   

They say that Custom Blends is chemical free, but is The Good Stuff chemical free as well?   I cannot find any information on either of their processes and I would love to hear what you all think.


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Re: CustomBlends vs The Good Stuff
Posted by Mea on Thursday, 23-Nov-2017

There is no such thing as chemical free in tobacco. Tobacco is a dried plant, and very tasty to rats and insects. The company may not use insecticides or add nitrates to the soil or that type of thing. Higher price doesn't necessarily mean a better or cleaner tobacco. It is the cut, moisture content, and type of blend that is indicated. Best tobacco is pipe or shag. That means, well let's just save those are the cuts when the smoothest part of the leaf in them. No stems or roots or sweeps. Yes, sweeps are in a lot of cigarettes. But advertising and package decor are always a factor in retail costs.

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