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Adding Flavor to SYO Tobaccos

Posted by Jessica White on Tuesday, 24-Apr-2012

Hello there! I have recently started making my own cigarettes, as I live in NY, and am tired of paying upwards of 12 dollars a pack (now lets just hope that they don't start taxing SYO tobacco and supplies as discussed last year!). I used to occasionally enjoy Sweet Dreams vanilla cigarettes, but due to the flavored tobacco ban in my state, can no longer get them. I am experimenting with different flavoring combinations, and almost have it using vanilla beans, scraping the insides into the tobacco and leaving the pod in my tobacco bag to infuse it, but it is still not quite sweet enough. I have tried "tasty puff", and while it makes the smoke SMELL nice, it tastes a whole lot like chemicals. Any advice on how to sweeten up my smokes to make a delicious dessert tobacco would be appreciated!

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Re: Adding Flavor to SYO Tobaccos
Posted by CTsmoker on Saturday, 28-Apr-2012

I haven't tried them, but Criss-Cross and Southern Steel from SX Tobacco sell "smooth pipe" vanilla tobacco that is suitable for SYO. You may also find Golden Harvest Vanilla pipe tobacco in some shops, but it has been discontinued.

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Re: Adding Flavor to SYO Tobaccos
Posted by Just dropping by on Thursday, 25-Oct-2012

I tried some Criss-Cross vanilla mixed in various blends and it works out quite well. I don't do it all the time but I will mix in roughly 10% vanilla tobacco in some of the harsher blends and it smooths it out nicely. I'm no expert blender but this works for me when I want a little change-up. (The Black Cherry didn't work out quite so well for me.)

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